Pleasantly Efficient Faxing

A pure software solution that eliminates the discomfort and disadvantages of traditional fax machines. Supports all currently used faxing protocols - T.37, T.38, G.711, and SIP over UDP.

Approved to co-reside on Business Edition 6000 (BE6K), and available for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 4+


2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) makes the process of sending and receiving fax messages significantly more efficient. Users sending fax messages will only need procedures used in traditional office applications since the set of skills necessary is comparable to those for sending email messages or for printing a document.

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  • Bring significantly more effectivity and flexibility to your company‘s communication processes
  • Provide faxing services to all branches and even to those who are always on the go (road warriors)
  • Save company‘s financial resources for 3rd party software and hardware


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Ease of Use - forget company-wide training sessions. You can use 2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) immediately after deployment because the skills necessary for sending a fax message are comparable to those for sending email or printing a document.

Fax from Email - send faxes directly from your favorite email client. Just email the file that you need to fax to, and enter the recipient‘s fax number as the subject. All email clients are supported.

Fax from CRM, Word, Excel, or Anywhere - utilize the benefits of 2Ring NetFAX Client by printing your source file (fax message) to a virtual 2Ring NetFAX printer from any Windows application (such as MS Word or your company’s IS). The 2Ring NetFAX Client application’s pop-up window will then allow you to select the message recipients (or type in the fax number), the header, the cover page, and if desired, a later time at which to send the fax message.

Fax from the Web - another way to send a fax is to use NetFAX’s web interface. Just upload the fax message there, preview and/or sign it without ever printing it out, and have it faxed to the recipient.

Fax from your Intranet - NetFAX includes public html/JavaScript API which allows you to add a fax sending form to 3rd party web applications.

Sign and Stamp Faxes without Printing - fax invoices and contracts directly from your company’s information system with ease. 2Ring NetFAX Client will provide you with fax message preview and allow you to place a picture with your signature/stamp in the proper place. Of course, for documents based on a template, users can automatically add the proper signature template. There is really no need to print a document before faxing it since copies of all outgoing messages (including your signatures) are stored on 2Ring NetFAX. On the website, you can do even more - read and sign a received fax directly through the NetFAX web interface without leaving the web browser at all.

Postpone Fax Sending – after preparing a fax, schedule it to be sent at a future time.

Receive as Email - enjoy the convenience of incoming fax messages delivered to email inboxes. In other words, receive your faxes as email messages with the actual fax attached as a PDF file or image or with a link to the fax’s location on the 2Ring NetFAX server.

Rules - easy to use rules for incoming and outgoing faxes (automatic fax resending, printing, etc.) with the ability to define different rules for work time, weekends, and/or other times.

Fax History - stored faxes in faxboxes on the server create a history of sent and receive faxes which is easily accessible with a web browser from any workstation.

Bulk Fax Sending - NetFAX is a very flexible tool which allows you to send a fax to a group of numbers. Faxing a document or a press releases to all your clients requires the same amount of work as sending one fax message.

Front Pages, Headers & Footers - NetFAX includes tools for creating specific front pages, headers and footers. All of them can include images, texts, and proxy symbols, so the final fax design is really in the company’s hands and can match the company’s branding. Each tool is available through a web interface and can be predefined for users so you only needs to pick the appropriate template.

Fax Sending Notification - strong but user-friendly notification about the entire fax sending process.

Contacts - easily select your personal contacts from MS Outlook as well as any corporate contacts imported to NetFAX via 2Ring’s SYNCHRONIZATION Tool (MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, Database, CSV … all part of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES). Corporate contact import can be scheduled so that contacts remain up-to-date within NetFAX’s database.




Unlimited Hierarchy & Multi-tenant Support - benefit from unlimited hierarchy and multi-tenant support including permissions management. Each location, department, and tenant can easily be enabled/disabled at any time. This is ideal for hosted environments and companies with multiple branches and departments.

User Synchronization – synchronize NetFAX users with LDAP systems (OpenLDAP, AD, IBM Domino) and/or store them directly within NetFAX’s database in environments without central user management.

Location Branding - define Front Page, Header, and Footer templates to be used by any location/tenant.

User Management - manage users separately and/or by group using roles and permissions.

Routing Rules - define incoming and outgoing rules for any particular location (or sub-location/tenant), user, and/or faxbox.

Translation Rules – transform numbers using powerful number translation rules available for inbound and outbound faxes.

Sending Attempts – have faxes resent a predefined number of times and receive a report about the success or failure after each attempt or only after the last attempt.

Least Cost Routing - save on call costs by having fax transmissions leave your network at the point closest to the target (long distance vs. local charges).

Deep Monitoring - monitor NetFAX closely - fax and email queues, logged in NetFAX Clients, and even the system’s status (RAM, disk space with automatic email notifications).

Automatic NetFAX Client Updates - have users on the latest version of 2Ring NetFAX Client. Update new installation files on the server, and the rest happens automatically.

Backup – when needed, back up the full database and/or just the configuration

Easily Accessible and Readable Export - export faxes to a folder structure and tiff files with HTML description for quick searching.

NetFAX Client – have the configuration of the 2Ring NetFAX Client under control using a basic dialog from NetFAX’s web interface.

NetFAX Web Management - manage the entire NetFAX through a web interface; its services can even be stopped and started there.

Scheduling - leave the repetitive administration tasks like user synchronization and backup to NetFAX; schedule those at an appropriate time.





Unlimited Storage - go green and stop buying expensive fax paper. Store up to 5,000 messages using just 1GB of your 2Ring NetFAX server’s storage!

Tight Security - keep fax messages under your control. All fax messages received and sent are stored and backed up on your network. The security and management are completely under your control.

Compatibility – send to and receive from all types of fax machines including analog, ISDN, and VoIP faxes.

Scalability - count on 2Ring NetFAX’s ability to grow with you. Depending on the hardware used, 2Ring NetFAX is able to serve up to 250,000 users!

Zero for Hardware - capitalize on your existing infrastructure. If you already have a standard Linux server/virtual machine and a 2Ring NetFAX compatible voice gateway, then 2Ring NetFAX does not require any complementary hardware.

Complex Numbering Plans - support for environments with different lengths of numbering plan.

Keep it secret, keep it safe - secure all NetFAX communication with HTTPS.

Fax Protocols - use all your available fax devices independently from the supported protocol (T.37, T.38, G.711).

CDR - if you have a call accounting system in place (such as 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING), you can enhance the information there by using call data records from NetFAX.

Redundancy - expect the unexpected, and protect your business from hardware failures by using the redundant option.

Zero for 3rd Party Software - take advantage of open source software. 2Ring NetFAX supports a freely available operating systems - Linux Debian and CentOS, but RHEL is supported as well.

Monitoring - publish information for standard monitoring tools via SNMP server.

Localization - have users select any of the available languages - English, Polish, Czech, or Slovak.

Application Branding - integrate the NetFAX server to your intranet by changing its color scheme, images, etc. 

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