What to Expect

Once you submit a ticket with 2Ring (contact 2Ring support), as a first step, we create a support ticket in our case tracking system. This means that the primary contacts associated with your organization will automatically receive email notifications on every step taken to resolve the situation.

Our engineers are known for getting back to customers and resolving issues via screen-sharing session in a very prompt manner (within hours, and in many cases even within minutes), but please note the guaranteed time for opening
your ticket depends on the coverage that your organization has in place with 2Ring and thus the guaranteed time to open a ticket can vary from 2 hours to 5 business days.

Exceptional Support
“Brilliant support and care – as always. Thank you again. One of the best. Genuine care of us as a customer, and 1st class technical skills. Calm, polite, and 100% customer service. The whole team you have there are amazing. Thank you.”

Extensive Product Knowledge
“Beyond his knowledge and expertise, Peter (2Ring Support team member) is always thinking beyond our requirement and providing best technical support to keep our business running smooth. Really appreciate 2Ring and Peter.”

The support terms that apply are part of the support email that was sent to your primary contact(s) at the time of initial purchase and/or at the time of the most recent renewal of your support coverage. However, generally speaking:

Technical Expertise
“Total customer support from 1st call to provision/fix. Every time. Superb technical knowledge, always calm – even when the pressure is on… One of the best 3rd party suppliers I have dealt with… in 30 years of support and technical engineering/design.”

Quick Response Times
“He (Jakub, 2Ring Support team member) was very quick and prompt to respond, even after hours… I wasn’t familiar with your product as my colleague looked after it, but he (Jakub) guided me very well.”