Become a Reseller

End-customers should be able to work on a project with the system integrator of choice, and thus 2Ring is always looking to add new partners to its global network of resellers and distributors.

Existing Cisco resellers / distributors, please note that it is not necessary to sign a reseller agreement with 2Ring before your organization can start offering and reselling selected 2Ring solutions for Cisco Contact Centers since some 2Ring solutions (including services and support packages) are available on Cisco’s price list (search for “2Ring” in CCW).

Why Become a Reseller with 2Ring?

2Ring is always looking to add new partners to its global network of resellers/distributors, giving end-customers the option to work on a project with a system integrator of their choice. To become a reseller (or to utilize one of the benefits listed above), please contact us ..

Free NFR packages

Use our free NFR packages to wow your customers in your own lab.

Expertly delivered demos

Consult with our experts and have them deliver demos for you.

Cloud Solution Access

Access our solutions in a cloud to deliver your own demos.

SoW Support

Save time by reusing our latest statement of work templates and documents for gathering requirements. Contact 2Ring for a copy of our templates.


Have 2Ring check your quotes for you. Reach out to 2Ring for quoting help.

Deployment Support

Deploy 2Ring yourself (if that’s what you prefer) to create service up-sell continuation by handling change requests and by installing updates.

Channel Partners

Marketplace Listings

2Ring solutions are listed on the following marketplaces. Some portals offer the possibility to quote & purchase our products.

Official Resellers

Below is a growing list of 2Ring resellers. As new partnerships are announced, onboarded resellers will be added so make sure to check back often. Are you interested in partnering with 2Ring? Learn more about how to become a reseller.