2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards v6.2

2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS (DW) v6.2 has been released. 

  • To check out what a 2Ring DW layout (now with charts) can look like, go here: www.2Ring.com/TryIt
    • No credentials are needed.
  • To build your own layouts, request full access to our public demo environment (already upgraded to 6.2): www.2Ring.com/DWtrial
    • Nothing has to be installed on your end.

New Features in the 6.2 Release

  • New source type - KPI Pie Chart
    • Pie / donut charts showing past or current values
    • Legend and segment label with values, percentages, and calculation names
  • New source type - KPI Timeline Chart
    • Charts show how a value changes over time
    • Timelines focused on a single day (60, 30, or 15-minute granularities) or on multiple days (a week, a month or multiples thereof)
    • Daily timeline can also be filtered to a day segment (such as 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM)
    • Multiple value axes can be used
  • Security System
    • A multi-tenant security system has been introduced.
    • All major entities belong to a business unit.
      • A new special business unit (shared) for sharing resources has been added. Everyone can use shared resources, but only system administrators can manage these shared resources.
      • A new special business unit (templates) for hosting resource templates has been added. Everyone can create resources from a template, but only system administrators can manage templates.
      • Each user belongs to a single business unit and can access resources belonging to his, shared and template (read-only) business units.
      • Default values can be set for each business unit separately.
      • Notification rules can be created for each business unit separately.
      • A whole business unit can be duplicated with all its child resources.
      • Resources can be copied between business units.
      • The web client and configuration tools work in the context of a business unit. Administrators can switch contexts on the fly.
  • ServiceNow Connector
    • The connector pulls already existing statistics (scorecards) from ServiceNow, so there are no calculations performed by 2Ring.
  • Enhanced Cisco Unity Connector
    • Performance improvements.
  • Enhanced UCCX Connector
    • a brand-new data source Staffino. Learn more at www.2Ring.com/Staffino
    • new KPIs
      • Agents - Avg Handle Time
      • Agents - Avg Handle Time Monthly
    • new columns in Agent State Grid
      • Call Variable 1 to Call Variable 5
      • Avg Handle Time Monthly
      • Staffino - Thank Yous
      • Staffino - Suggestions
      • Staffino - Thank You Rate
    • new column in Current Call Grid
      • Agent Name
  • Enhanced UCCE Connector
    • new KPIs
      • Calls - Dequeued for Skill Group
      • Calls - Dequeued for Precision Queues
      • Calls - Dequeued for Call Types
      • Agents - Transferred In
      • Agents - Transferred Out
    • new columns in Agents Grid
      • Transferred In
      • Transferred Out
    • new columns in Call Types, Skill Group and Precision Queue grids
      • Calls Dequeued
    • calculations can be now enabled/disabled using DBManager action (performance improvement)
  • Other Changes and Enhancements
    • The threshold range configuration is now simpler and more intuitive.
    • Intervals, Calendars, KPIs and charts now inherit thresholds from KPI Calculation.
    • Grid threshold color settings were moved to the Column Values tab.


Feature Requests

All of the features above were added based on feedback received from our customers and/or prospects, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any feature suggestions (http://www.2Ring.com/Contact). Also, please note that 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS is available in two of the bundles of 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse (Enhanced and Premium) - if used with Finesse, 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS provides even more features. To schedule a live demo, please visit www.2Ring.com/WebEx.  

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