Nov 24, 2017

2Ring Phone Services (IPPS) v7.6.3 is available as of today. To learn more, schedule a live demo over Cisco WebEx.

  • v7.6.3 (release date - November 24, 2017)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Speed Dial Categories design improvements
      • CLID performance improvements
  • v7.6.2 (release date - September 19, 2017)
    • New Features
      • SpeedDial page can now display presence status from CUPS (Cisco Unified Presence Server)
      • SpeedDial page redesigned.
      • SpeedDial page can now acquire category ids, which will be shown.
      • Actions on SpeedDial page can be reordered.
      • Application can be hosted in virtual directory.
      • Click2Dial page for SalesForce.
      • Desktop Client workflow can now run synchronously.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Alerts where no ANI and DNIS is supplied will not fail.
      • User synchronization bug fixes.
  • v7.6.1 (release date - October 6, 2016)
    • New Features
      • TAPIObserver improvements: It is posible to use [CALLED_EXT] proxy symbol. For example, instead of [DNIS]. Useful for HuntGroup calls, where [DNIS] is pilot number.
      • AddressBook number format can be configured same way as CLID result message.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Delay can be specified in ExecuteClid.aspx page. Useful for 894X phone serie, which can crash when clid execute in the same moment as call start ringing.
      • AddressBook visibility is now respected when using ContactSearch on the IPphone.

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