2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards v5.0

2Ring is pleased to announce that 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS v5.0 has been released. The solution has been enriched in three major ways:

New Features

  • Upgrade to the latest release of 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS seamlessly. The automated upgrade mechanism will preserve all your screen groups, layouts, KPIs, grids, etc. This means that once you are running 2Ring DW 5.0 (or later) and have software assurance coverage from us (EPU support), you can upgrade to a newer release at your leisure and without paying for 2Ring's professional services.
  • Create derived grid columns and derived KPIs, user-defined metrics computed from existing metrics. This gives even more flexibility to users who can can now create new KPIs as expressions based on other columns in the same grid row or as expressions based on other (not-derived) KPIs.
  • UCCE Connector come with enhanced grids:
    • Skillgroup grid can be filtered by a new parameter - Team (on top of the existing parameters - SkillGroups, MediaRoutingDomain, Peripherals, and Time Zone)
    • Agent Grid comes with two new columns - Logon Time and Total Ready Time. In addition, State Column can now also display system reason codes (in a human-readable format)

As always, the above features have been added based on feedback received from our customers. Do the same, and reach out to us with your suggestions.

What's next?

The 5.1 release will add more KPIs (key performance indicators)/metrics, and you can also expect:

  • conditional formatting for grid rows
  • email and http alerts
  • banners/message tickers scrolling selected KPIs (sequenced KPIs)

For more information, additional resources, and questions, please visit the product page at www.2Ring.com/DW.


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