2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards v4.6

2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS v4.6 is here! Besides significant improvement in performance / use of allocated resources, adding many new KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and grids, version 4.6 also delivers even tighter integration with Cisco Finesse.

New Features

  • Agent State History and Call History with Click2Dial
    • Customers with 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse (Enhanced or Premium Bundle) are now able to include Agent State History and Call History views in 2Ring TEAM Gadget via the Profile Apps feature. This makes it easy for supervisors to review the performance of their agents right inside Cisco Finesse without the need to login to CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center) while agents can also keep track of their own performance and even place calls to any previously called number via the use of the Click2Dial feature.


  • Performance Boost
    • Up to 500 users/clients is now supported by a single node deployment using minimum requirements
  • Sizing Guide
    • Review recommended HW/SW configurations for various scenarios
  • Looping of Sounds
    • Audible alerts can now play continuously/loop instead of playing just once when the value enters the "bad zone" 
  • Static Banners
    • Turn off text scrolling in any of the banners (message ticker/marquee), and use the banner in your layout for a title or to display any other static text
  • DESKTOP Client Remembers its Position
    • The previous release of DESKTOP Client remembered a screen group to display as well as whether to run it in borderless or always on top (floating on top of all the other application windows) mode. Now, the client also remembers the position where it should start/run, so supervisors/agents can have the client launched with the start of Windows and immediately view key KPIs without having to do anything. 
  • Multiple License Filter Types
    • Customers who do not need real-time reporting for the entire contact center can apply license filtering based on multiple criteria such as Skillgroups (SGs) and Precision Queues
  • Various Security Improvements

2Ring DW Connector for Cisco UCCE v4.6 

  • Support for multiple filter types
  • HA (high availability) support (multiple AWDB)
  • New KPIs
    • Avg Queue Time for Skill Groups
    • Total Queue Time for Skill Groups
    • Avg Queue Time for Precision Queues
    • Total Queue Time for Precision Queues
    • Calls - Internal for Skill Groups
    • Calls - Avg Ring Time for Skill Groups
    • Dialer - Attempted
    • Dialer - Requested Personal Callback
    • Dialer - Requested Callback
    • Dialer - No Answer
    • Dialer - No Ringback
    • Dialer - Agent Rejected
    • Dialer - Agent Closed
    • Dialer - Abandoned
    • Dialer - Abandoned to IVR
  • New Grids & New Grid Columns
    • New Dialer / Outbound Grid with these columns
      • Dialer Name
      • No Answer
      • No Ringback 
      • Agent Rejected 
      • Agent Closed 
      • Cancelled
      • Requested Callbacks
      • Requested Personal Callback
      • Dialer Abandon
      • Abandon To IVR 
      • Customer Abandoned
      • Attempted
    • Call Types Grid can now also contain these columns
      • Avg Queue Time
      • Total Queue Time
    • Precision Queues Grid can now also contain these columns
      • Avg Queue Time
      • Total Queue Time
    • Skillgroup Grid can now also contain these columns
      • Avg Queue Time
      • Total Queue Time
    • Agent States Grid can now also contain
      • Average Ring Time

2Ring DW Connector for Cisco UCCX v4.6

  • New KPIs
    • Email - Longest Waiting
    • Email - In Queue
    • Email – Answered
    • Email - Average Work Time
    • Agent - Email Ready
    • Agent - Email Not Ready
    • Agent - Email Processing
  • New Grids & New Grid Columns
    • Agent States Grid can now also contain three new columns
      • Agent CSQs
      • Email State
      • Email Reason

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