Improving Contact Center Feedback with 2Ring's Newly Introduced Features in Dashboards & Wallboards 8.5 Release

Kevin Schleising is the UK & I Sales Director at 2Ring. With years of experience in the contact center space, he strives to deliver tailored customer journey solutions to your enterprise’s needs. Check out the blog below and see how our latest 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards features are taking things up a notch to provide even more customizability when it comes real-time reporting in your contact center. Click here to get in touch with Kevin.

We’ve recently released v8.5 of our market-leading Dashboards & Wallboards product, and with over 800 customers globally, we have a great segment of users, experts, & thought leaders to feedback on what we do well and what we need to focus on.

Increasingly, we’ve been asked about Gamification & how we can help organizations measure their staff whilst helping them strive to offer a greater customer experience.

Most of the time these discussions are spent trying to define what Gamification is. It reminds me of the conversations I used to have a few years back about what the cloud is, and I’m hoping that’s cleared up now (you do know 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards is available on a cloud subscription basis now… right? 😊).

At the moment Gamification means different things to different people. Some people want badges, new avatars & rockets to be launched. My two children often come running in whilst I’m on a collaboration call to tell me they’ve “earned” anew badge or emote whilst on their console. I don’t have the heart to show them my bank statement & the payment made on their behalf. (We can achieve all of this gamification with our Staffino customer & staff engagement solution, but more often than not, it seems people want to simply rank their staff & use this as a method of motivation, in real-time. When reflecting upon this it’s something I’ve been using since I started my career.

Much like the contact center, sales is about measuring metrics & using the data to boost performance. I’ve always had a regular report letting me & my peers know what I had closed in the month/quarter/year. Whenever I was bottom of the table I made sure that when the report was next published, I wasn’t. For me this was not about being shamed into performing but more about motivating me to get a step ahead of my colleagues & have a feeling of pride in my work. Conversely, when I was at the top, it motivated me to stay there.

The contact center is the most measured department in any business. From macro level KPIs, agents available, calls being handled, AHT, etc., through to agent level performance, time in state, wrap up times & SLA achieved, but having these statistics is only one thing. More importantly, how can I use this data to drive an enhanced performance? That is the real question.

The world of AI has ushered in a focus on “big data”, and rightly so, but sometimes the quickest improvement you can make is with “little data”. This is data that you’ve captured & displayed all along, but how you display it can be vital.

KPIs displaying agent performance. 2Ring offers numerous customization options.

This is where 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards comes into the equation. We have the ability to sort the display on our layouts with a league table, placing the best performing agents at the top & agents who need to improve lower down. We also have our brand-new word cloud functionality giving a more graphical way of celebrating your top performers. This can also be used to highlight the busiest queues/teams/channels, the most often used wrap-up codes, etc., just to name a few examples.

2Ring’s new visual word cloud feature introduced in Dashboards & Wallboards v8.5.

So having these statistics is great, but only if they’re analyzed and used in the right way. I see on LinkedIn all the time that “people don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses”, so what you do with the data, and how you decide to display it, is important for keeping staff motivated. Hybrid working has enabled organizations to offer flexible hours, work locations & a better balance, but we’re increasingly hearing from our customers that it’s too easy to lose touch. This is coming not only from managers & supervisors but from agents themselves. I’m the same, despite the preventative measures in place due to the pandemic, and limiting contact with other people, I really miss shaking someone’s hand & having a face-to-face performance review. We’re addressing that at 2Ring by enhancing our banner/messaging capability. We’ve recently introduced multi-line banners and a new messaging tool that enables simple and straightforward customization of such messages.

A multiline banner from 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards.

2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards gives you the ability to send out messages on an individual basis & also to specific teams or even layouts to ensure the right people are getting the right information, at the right time. We’ve enabled multi-line banners, allowing supervisors to send out motivational messaging that can be quickly read & acted upon immediately. Not only does this deliver an upturn in performance, but it also helps remote staff feel connected to the business. A pat on the back should not be underestimated.

A recent Call Centre Helper article stated that although 60% of contact centers have wallboards or some form of real-time reporting software already, 14.8%% we’re looking to implement some form of a dashboards / wallboards solution within the next 12 months. I’d put good money on it that if they knew the enhancements that 2Ring offers, that that number would increase & we’d definitely replace a fair few at the same time.


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Improving Contact Center Feedback with 2Ring's Newly Introduced Features in Dashboards & Wallboards 8.5 Release

We have recently released v8.5 of our market-leading Dashboards & Wallboards product, and with over 800 customers globally, we have a great segment of users, experts & thought leaders to give us feedback.

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