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Jul 19, 2019

Posted by Kevin Schleising

Improve Customer Experience, create a better working environment for your advisors & achieve that all important ROI by integrating your Cisco Contact Centre and your CRM with 2Ring.

Today, organisations are driven more & more by the capture and use of data. With an ever-increasing demand from their clients to offer multiple methods of contact into the organisation, the challenge to record interactions with customers becomes even more complex. You cannot use data to support intelligent business decisions if you don’t have it….

Typically, the platform to record these interactions is the CRM or IT Service Management application. However, they are often viewed as “just another application” for your advisors to duplicate information in, and with an average of over 5 applications used for a single customer interaction, it’s not surprising that data isn’t input and if it is, it’s normally not accurate.

By integrating CRM & ITSM applications with your Cisco Contact Centre we can automate the time-consuming input of data whilst ensuring that your customers receive an improved, more personal experience. This is achieved by having an accurate record of previous customer interactions all within one application.

At an organisational level this also allows you to report from a single source making the production of critical business statistics quicker and easier. This in turn increases the accuracy & speed of decision making.

Integration of Finesse with CRM & ITSM also makes the life of the users easier. By linking these systems agents, service desks & sales teams alike have vital customer information at their fingertips in a single pain of glass eliminating the need to flick between screens for different applications. This makes Sales easy as a view of all open opportunities allows your sales team to qualify all opportunities in a single interaction rather than focus on the single call. The same can be said in the service desk environment where IRO 40% of tickets in the “waiting client” state could be closed but the client doesn’t notify the service desk pro-actively.

As well as pulling information from CRM & ITSM applications organisations also want to carry out regular tasks from the finesse platform and push data into these platforms. The 2Ring integration offers a true 2way street for data with the following a few examples of where this works.

  • Lookup of data within Finesse – eliminates the need to switch between applications when searching for customer details
  • Screen Pop – Allows users to pop specific screens within applications
  • Create & amend records – this could be new accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, service tickets etc.
  • Click to call – dial with just a click from Finesse or the CRM/ITSM platform
  • Transfer Customer identity – Full records of all customer interactions will be passed as the call is transferred between agents

As well as increasing Customer Experience & creating a better working environment, this integration creates a huge increase in efficiencies. Typically, agents within the contact centre spend 15% of their time searching for customer information across separate platforms, that’s 6 hours a week, almost a whole day lost. By automating the display of customer data, we can dramatically reduce Average Handling Time, whilst still having a positive effect on the customer journey, which in turn reduces Abandon Rate.

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