Innovation beyond expectation – #CiscoPS14

Mar 26, 2014

Posted by Matej Mikle Barat

Yes, the annual Cisco Partner Summit is here! And, it started off amazingly. I am following #CiscoPS14 virtually on two screens. On one screen I have a live video feed and on the other one I have a live Twitter feed. It’s truly fascinating. For a little while I thought we might crash Twitter again, like we did at Cisco Live! US 2013. My feed was moving at an amazing pace!

The motto of CiscoPS14 should be “Cloudy with a chance of innovation,” right? Why is that?

The most amazing as always are demos! Jim & John demoed a unique waste management system running on the cloud. It was unique, spot on, and very intuitive. Would you ever consider competing with your neighbor in “trash wars”? That would be fun and useful at the same time. Even the Discovery Channel might shoot a series of “Trash Wars” eventually. Who would win the recycling wars on your street?

Anyhow, day 2 is upon us and I personally can’t hide my enthusiasm. I have installed Cisco's "Play Along” app on my smart phone and am going to give it a spin even though I am a thousand miles away from Las Vegas. So, let’s connect the previously unconnected!

See you all today! 
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