Feb 19, 2014

Posted by Michal Grebac

The 4.0 release of 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is expected around the end of March / early April, but here is your sneak peek: 

HTML Based Layouts/KPIs/Banners

Access any of the layouts built in 2Ring DW from your favorite browser. There is no need to install any specific app on your tablet or cell phone. Create standard bookmarks, and real-time data will always be at your fingertips.

HTML layouts can also be embedded into Cisco Finesse, Cisco Agent Desktop, or any other application that comes with an integrated browser.


Note: To view layouts that also include static/live video streams, flash objects, and PowerPoint slides, use the existing 2Ring DESKTOP Client or browsers with support for MS Silverlight. The list of browsers/platforms supported by MS Silverlight can be found here. The HTML based layouts, KPIs, and banner have been tested against IE 11 (incl. mobile version), IE 10, Safari (iPad and iPhone), Firefox 26, and Chrome 32.

Tabular KPIs (Filtering/Sorting/Paging/Scaling)

To display a list of agents (e.g. a list of agents consisting of agent name, state, NotReadyreason code, and time in state), it was necessary to use a web-based report. These reports didn't scale like other KPIs and on top of it, the data provided by these reports had to be managed outside of the user-friendly CONFIGURATION Tool.


The added support for tabular KPIs takes care of both of these deficiencies that came with the use of web-based reports. Thanks to built-in filtering, you will be able to create multiple lists, one per every team or queue and then embed these lists into appropriate layouts so every audience receives relevant/personalized information. You will also be able to filter these lists further and only show agents who are logged in or NotReady. The use of sorting will enable you to focus agents’ attention even more on what really matters - e.g., placeagents that have been NotReady for the longest time on the top of the list. Is your list still too long? No problem – the tabular KPIs include support for paging. And don’t forget, the tabular KPIs will scale in the same way as all the current KPIs to maximize the use of available space on the screen.

Sequences of Layouts

2Ring DW already offered an easy way to organize KPIs into sequences and then add such sequences into layouts. Now, we are introducing a new level of flexibility when it comes to building sequences - building sequences of entire layouts. This will allow supervisors to organize layouts in order of appearance. For example, you can display a layout with KPIs for X seconds, replace it with a layout that only or mostly contains a video or a slide-deck and run this layout for Y seconds, and then move to a layout that focuses on a different set of contact center KPIs.

Even more KPIs for UCCX

The number of KPIs provided out of the box for Cisco UCCX deployments is increased to 26, and now it will also include: Calls Outgoing, Calls Internal, Calls Preview Outbound, Calls Handled In Service Level, Calls Abandoned in XX seconds, Average Ring Time, Average Talk Time, Average Hold Time, Average Work Time, and Average Handle Time. 

Left to Right Scrolling of Banners

We listen to our re-sellers and customers from the Middle East, and so banners, message tickers, can now scroll from left to right as well.

Documentation Improvements

The documentation for DW version 4 covers all the new features mentioned above, but on top of that it will also include a new chapter on “How to build and register a custom KPI” and another chapter on “Bulk Installations of 2Ring DESKTOP Client.” Both topics will focus on helping internal IT departments utilize the solution even better 1) to build and register non-contact center specific KPIs into existing layouts in 2Ring DW, and 2) to do bulk installs of pre-configured DESKTOP Clients.

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