Jun 12, 2013

Posted by Matej Mikle Barat

Acquiescently, I have to admit that the Cisco Partner Summit 2013 was spectacular. #Ciscops13 absolutelysurpassed all of my expectations. I have been following sessions virtuallywhich was quite staggering. Unfortunately, some of the sessions weren’t broadcasted, but luckily some of the fellow attendees were tweeting theirinsight even from these sessions and shared their thoughts via Twitter.

I believe that the strongestmessage of #ciscops13 was sent on the first day by the Cisco CEO John Chambers who said: “We partner for life, we are old fashioned that way!” From his keynote speech you could feel his full commitment to all of the Cisco partners. The power of networking and cooperation is incredible.

Wholeheartedly, I have to admit that all of the sessions that I got to follow were exceptional. Extraordinary speech by John Foley was powerful, dynamic and filled with emotions. To hear him speak with such a passion was very rewarding. His truly high performance inaction can get you up from your seat and start yelling: “You go, John!” John Foley is a member of Blue Angles and Stanford Business School graduate. As he said: I usedto fly at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour and in formations as close as 18 inches from his teammates – I had to improve my performance by 300 percent! #gladtobere

Nick Adamo, Senior Vice President Cisco for Americas sent a great message to all of thepartners when he said: “We live in a time of unprecedented change, but together we will win!” #favequote

Throughout the entire #Ciscops13 main concepts that absolutely resembled were: cooperation, networking, success and great commitment from all of the Cisco leaders to all of the partners.  

2Ring team is looking forward to the next year’s Cisco partner summit which will take place inthe Sin City.  We would like to say big Thank You to Chad Berndtson for organizing social media ambassadors program this year.  It was a great ride and we hope to see everyone next year at #ciscops14


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