John Chambers - Keynote at #Ciscops13

Jun 05, 2013

Posted by Donald Seybold

John Chambers truly provided insight to Cisco’s strategy and I was impressed by the determination,Cisco’s drive and innovation to become Nr. 1. What I Iiked most was the fact Edison Peres mentioned the Cisco Developer Network (CDN), but this was near the end of the keynote


During the first 1st hour or so, both Bruce Klein and John Chambers often referred to the Cisco “family” focusing on 1 and 2 Tier which is how I and many others view the Cisco culture as a “family.” This said, I invision the Cisco family consists of corporate as the parent or gardian with it’s employees it’s immediate family. I also imagine the 1 and 2 Tier as siblings to Cisco creating business opportunities with the support of their nephews and nieces. 


As part of the family, 3rd Party Partners are the 2nd cousin. Just like Oliver in the Brady Brunch, we are sometimes left out of the family photo, but in fact we provide complementary, innovative solutions that enhance, strengthen Cisco’s vision of becoming Nr.1. It’s evident that Cisco understands the importance of 3rd Party Partners considering the CDN investmentand FY13 acquisitions, but why aren’t we sitting at the dinner table with rest of the family? ;)


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