#Ciscops13 - Internet of everything & Internet of things

Jun 05, 2013

Posted by Matej Mikle Barat

I am not sure where to start. Let’s say I am still dazzled by the keynote speech given by John Chambers. (CEO, Cisco).

To hear him talk with such a passion about Cisco and its partners was truly amazing; he was “on fire” as some of the fellow partner attendees would say. All the great insights he providedus with were mind-blowing. John believes that Cisco with the correct partnership cooperation can soon become the number one IT company in the world. Some of the attendees said that John addressed competitors rather directly this year. I can’t honestly say from my experience since it is my first time attending Cisco partner summit, but I loved it.

Internet of everything.

Jim Grubb (VP, Emerging technologies marketing, Cisco) presented a great example of connecting the preciously unconnected. Connecting farming to the internet example was a spot on! Jim explained all the advantages that $0.99 IOE chip IPv6/Wi-Fi can bring to the farming. Cola example was stunning! Customer will be able to track where exactly the corn was grown, in what refinery it was processed to starch and where it was added to your soft drink that you are holding in your hand. Simply by scanning the bar code of your soda! It was just a beginning of great day at #ciscops13.

Internet of things.

Wendy Bahr (SVP, Americas at Cisco Systems) took a stage in the afternoon at the Geo Americas session. Wendy used brilliant example of San Francisco parking app called SFPark, which is cloud based – integrated with gps and lets you find a parking spot in the San Francisco. Finding a parking spot in the big cities can be rather terrifying as manyof you know. This is a great way how to connect mortar and brick environment with the internet.

In the first day I have connected virtually via Twitter with many of you, and would like to say thank you for connecting. As Nick Adamo said yesterday “We live in a time of unprecedented change! But together we will win!” Hope to see everyone again today #gladtobehere


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