At #CLUS 2013, 2Ring Connects its Stand with its Twitter Account

May 21, 2013

Posted by Michal Grebac

As many of you know, 2Ring will be attending Cisco Live! US again this year (stand #1433). Wahoo!

This year we will be focusing on presenting our complementary solutions to Cisco Contact Centers (Express and Enterprise). As a matter of fact, as many of you already know, we are known as the “Gadget Guys” – a nickname that comes from 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse. Cisco Finesse is a new web-based agent desktop platform, a platform for which wedeveloped an essential power pack of gadgets and a platform that we have been promoting heavily.

For example, our experts recently participated in a Twitter Chat about Cisco Finesse organized by Cisco Live! US. In case you missed it, read the transcript on Storify , and if you have any additional questions, schedule a personal WebEx session with our savvy experts .

But back to #CLUS, are you excited? We are definitely glad to be back! This year we will integrate our physical presence at our stand (#1433) with our social presence on Twitter. And guess what, you will benefit from it as long as you are (or become) our Twitter follower. We want you to remember that we met at #CLUS and would like to stay connected via Twitter (take our word for it, we keep our Twitter content relevant – UC / UCC related). 



How will I benefit? Do I get a gift?

When you go to our stand (#1433), besides asking about Cisco Finesse (or Cisco Jabber), let us know that you mention that you are our Twitter follower since all of our Twitter followers will be automatically entered in our #CLUS drawing for the mainprize. Wait, what? Yes, we are giving away two beautiful MS Surface PRO tablets. We will randomly select one Twitter follower to receive one of the tablets, And the other one will be raffled off to one of #CLUS attendees who stopped by our stand and had his or her badge scanned. Check out the info in our previous blog about the number of people that stop at our stand and our current number ofTwitter followers to figure out what gives you a better chance of winning. We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting with you!

Disclaimer: Please note that only personal Twitter accounts are eligible to receive prizes. We reserve the right to refuse a “gift” to anyone. The drawings for the main prizes will take place approximately two weeks after the exhibition. Winners will be notified via email. The winners have to respond within 2 weeks to redeem the prizes.

Key words: Cisco Live! US, CLUS, Social Media, 2Ring, 2Ring GADGETS, Twitter Chat, Finesse.

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