Graphic of Dashboards & Wallboards 8.8 Release

March 17, 2023 – Sacramento, CA – The 8.8 release of our Cisco Finesse Connector for 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards is available as of today.

The Cisco Finesse Connector can be added to the end customer’s instance of 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards without any additional charges as long as all UCCX/UCCE/PCCE agents & supervisors are already covered with a 2Ring license / self-hosted subscription.

Unrestricted access to a public demo environment can be requested here, and as always, you can request a live demo / walk-through at

Request Your Upgrade

We highly encourage ALL customers to upgrade 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards to the latest release – request upgrade by opening a support ticket here, and also, to contact their main 2Ring sales representative with any questions related to our upcoming switch from perpetual licensing to self-hosted and/or cloud subscriptions.

What’s New? 

  • Cisco Finesse Connector – this brand-new connector introduces an agent state grid that significantly enhances the refresh rate for agent data that is crucial and that changes often. E.g. Agent state change is reflected almost immediately after the change occurs (similar to agent state reflected in 2Ring Team Gadget). The new Agent State grid comes with:
    • Calculation Parameters (filter data):
      • Agents – filter by agent names.
      • Agent Roles – filter by contact center role, e.g.: agent, supervisor
      • Agent States – filter by state, e.g.: talking, ready
      • Reason Codes – filter by custom and system reason codes
      • Teams – filter by team names
    • Columns:
      • Agent Login Id – login ID of the agent
      • Agent Login Name – login name of the agent
      • Agent First Name – first name of the agent
      • Agent Last Name – last name of the agent
      • Assigned Team – name of the agent’s team
      • Assigned Team Id – ID of the agent’s team
      • Extension – agent’s current extension
      • Reason – not ready reason code label when agent is in Not Ready voice state
      • Role – agent’s assigned contact center role, ex: agent, supervisor.
      • State – current voice state of the agent, e.g. ready, not ready, etc.
      • State Duration – amount of time agent is in current voice state
      • State Pending – pending voice state of the agent.
      • State Since – time when the agent entered current voice state

Have You Missed Some of Our Previous Updates?

  • 8.8 (incl. 8.7) Release Notes – a new user role (message author), a native SQL Connector enabling connections to 3rd party SQL data sources, lighter license enforcement rules, and more.
  • 8.6 Release Notes – added talking heads (agent detail widgets), floor plans, unlimited number of thresholds (flexible value ranges), present values as images, personalized layouts – presenting different data to different users, and many other usability enhancements.
  • 8.5 Release Notes – added word cloud, a new messaging tool (incl. support for displaying temporary announcements/messages), multiline banners/tickers, new color picker, font settings, total rows, alternating row styles, and column presets.

What’s Next?

​There is a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned by connecting with us and signing up to our RSS channel, or by following us on social media – LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.

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