2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse v6.2 – Usability Enhancements

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by 2Ring · Nov 28, 2022

November 28, 2022 – Sacramento, CA – 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse® (GA) v6.2 is available as of today. This release introduces many experience enhancements for agents, supervisors, and even administrators. If you would like to see the latest release of 2Ring Gadgets in action, schedule a live demo / Q&A session via our demo form.

What’s New in GA 6.2?

  • Skilling Audit Log – Supervisors are now able to download audit logs of skilling changes made or scheduled through the 2Ring Team Gadget. This feature allows supervisors to generate a report in .csv format and is filterable by period of time, agent that was skilled, and supervisor that made the skilling change.
  • Button Sets – it is now possible to create buttons with dropdown sets of options.  This can be useful to group similarly purposed buttons together saving precious Toolbar real estate instead of listing them separately in a row. These button sets are now supported for use in the Toolbar Gadget and in 2Ring Softphone Clients for Salesforce®, ServiceNow®, and Microsoft Dynamics® user interfaces. See “create entity” button example here (Toolbar Gadget).
  • Customer Journey App for team profiles – we have now made our Customer Journey app available at the team profile level in the 2Ring Team gadget.  Supervisors can search through interactions for all the agents in the selected team simultaneously instead of only one agent at time. Customer Journey can be filtered by multiple fields including but not limited to phone number, customer name, and agent name. This allows supervisors to find specific interactions and review which agent(s) handled the call as well as see the call’s entire call trace, call variables, and even access call recording in Calabrio® or Eleveo® Call Recording for playback or download.
  • Message Broadcasts – we have added multiple usability enhancements:
    • A new broadcast history app has been added for agent profiles. This new app allows supervisors to check if agents received a certain message as well as allowing agents to review previous broadcast messages sent to him/her.
    • The broadcast recipient list now pops up automatically as recipients are added, eliminating confusion about where the list is located and what agents are currently selected.
    • We have now added a global message expiration setting allowing the system to conserve disk space and increase performance of the agent desktop by reducing the amount of cached messages being retrieved.
  • Agent State Trace – previously, it was only possible to view an agent’s state history by either voice or the chat & email channels separately. We have now added the ability to see the agent’s state history for all channels in a single view.
  • Export UCCX Chat Transcripts from Customer Journey to PDF – the ability to review UCCX chat transcripts for interactions in 2Ring Customer Journey has now gotten even better. With this release comes the ability to export chat transcripts from the interactions in Customer Journey to a PDF file.
  • 2Ring Extension for Softphone Integrations –a completely rewritten version of the 2Ring Browser Extension in the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension stores.  No longer will there be multiple versions of the extension to select from, dependent on your installed version of our Gadgets.  Going forward there will only be one release of the extension in the stores which will be backward compatible with all releases starting with this release eliminating confusion about which version of the extension should be installed.
  • Even More Configurability – we have also added more configuration options to existing features allowing administrators to further customize Cisco Finesse for their agents and supervisors:
    • 2Ring Team Gadget can now set global filters to hide select agents or teams from view.
    • 2Ring Dialog Gadget can be configured with a max-height setting for the Call variable editor eliminating excessive browser scrolling.
    • 2Ring Toolbar Gadget now has role-based settings for buttons to control visibility for agents, supervisors, or both reducing the need for multiple toolbar configurations.

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Perpetual Licensing

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse are still available in these three perpetual bundles – Standard, Enhanced, and Premium (CRM integrations require the Premium bundle). However, please note that it is expected that perpetual pricing will be fully replaced with 2Ring self-hosted subscription options in the first half of 2023.

Ready to Schedule a Demo?

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