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by 2Ring · Mar 16, 2023

March 16, 2023 – Sacramento, CA – 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse® (GA) v6.3 is available as of today. To see the latest release of 2Ring Gadgets in action, schedule a live demo / Q&A session via our demo form.

What’s New in GA 6.3?

  • Multiple notes per dialog in customer journey (one per participation) – this allows each agent to leave a note about their conversation with the customer. These notes are timestamped with date and time that the participation for the agent ended with the customer allowing for historical tracking of the notes.
  • Add notes to interactions that have ended via Customer Journey profile app – this allows agents and supervisors to add notes to an interaction even after it has ended and without having a customer on the interaction anymore – this can be done from 2Ring Dialog Gadget or from 2Ring Team Gadget.
  • Navigate from ticker to broadcast history – it is now possible for agent to go straight from the Ticker Gadget to his/her own profile broadcast history app to see the last and all the previous broadcasts (see Broadcast History button at the bottom right corner of our Ticker Gadget):
  • Deleting of broadcast history can be disabled – it is now possible to disable the agent’s ability to remove any of the broadcasts from their ticker’s history.
  • Set data retention times on CCX Chat/Mail data (attachments, chat message bodies) – a set of data retention settings have been added to 2Ring Gadgets to help admins stay compliant and conserve disk space.
  • Call Picking app for UCCX is now HA to the maximum extent permitted by the UCCX platform – please check documentation for details on API limitations.
  • New robust security model for queue availability to teams for all skilling / call picking apps –it is now possible to define by team or globally if a queue is available for use with one or more of these options – (call picking for UCCX, skilling changes invoked by supervisors for supervised agents, agent self-skilling).

Have You Missed Our Previous Updates?

  • 6.2 Release Notes – added audit log for skilling, export of UCCX chat transcripts to PDF, team-based customer journey app, enabled use of button sets in 2Ring Toolbar Gadget (and in 2Ring Soft Phones),  and many more usability enhancements.
  • 6.1 Release Notes – support for Linux Red Hat, VPN Less Mode for UCCE 12.6, displaying presence information from Microsoft Teams, and enables reoccurring skilling changes on agent level.
  • 5.3 Release Notes – significantly enhancing 2Ring CTI Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Service Now
  • 5.2 Release Notes – added multiple 2Ring Skilling tools to Cisco Finesse
  • 5.1 Release Notes – introduced customer journey, a CRM independent storage of all customer interactions.

Self-Hosted Subscriptions

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse are now fully available in the form of self-hosted subscription (2Ring-SB). Each customer can decide how many seats of what subscription they specifically need:

  • 2Ring Dashboards& Wallboards
  • 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse
    • Add-on MS CRM Connector
    • Add-on Salesforce Connector
    • Add-on ServiceNow Connector
    • Add-on Staffino Feedback
    • Add-on Staffino Gamification

Please note that:

  • A minimum of one activation fee (2R-1TF) per subscription is required with the initial order.
  • 2Ring Self-hosted Subscriptions come with 24×7 SLA Standard, but for those who need the best coverage available, there is also the option to upgrade to SLA Diamond (one quantity per 12 months per customer). More info on our SLA is available at: https://www.2ring.com/sla-policy-for-2ring-subscriptions/

Ready to Schedule a Demo?

2Ring Gadgets shine during a live demo, so schedule one now at 2Ring.com/Webex.

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