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by 2Ring · Apr 14, 2014

I’ve recently gone through some of my colleagues’ blogs and they are all very product centric. Yes, it is important to spread the word about all the great features that resellers can add to out-of-the-box solutions – especially now, with Cisco’s new initiative to provide APIs for everything (Thank you Cisco! :)). It is also great to learn how we have grown in terms of new products – see the recent launch of COMPACT AGENT and PRECISION SKILLING. However, I would like to take a bit of a different spin on 2Ring and look at our contact center product portfolio and state its added value.

For the Cisco Resellers / 2Ring Resellers, we bring solutions that are

1) tested against the latest Cisco products (even before their official launch).

2Ring GADGETS has passed the official IVT tests against Cisco UCCX and UCCE 10, and our team is already developing for 10.5, so once 10.5 becomes available to Cisco Resellers, our GADGETS will be ready on day one.

2) developed in a direction that doesn’t overlap with Cisco’s roadmap.

Developing a feature means that we are investing resources made available to us by our current customer base, and so we have an obligation to invest these resources efficiently. Therefore, before we invest the time of our dev team, we make sure that Cisco is not already working on or planning on adding such a feature to one of its products. This allows us to build our solutions with features that last. On top of that, this collaborative approach maximizes the value of the entire platform, with no resources wasted on building overlapping features.

3) made easy to install, configure, support and replicate.

2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse is a power-pack enabling integration and automation without the need to code. This means that it is a solution that your engineers are able to install, configure according to the customer’s requirements, and then support during its life cycle (with no need to call 2Ring to add a new button or a new tab or make any other modifications). The GADGETS are easy to replicate with other customers (in the same way as with Cisco out-of-the-box products), which has a positive impact on your profitability. Since delivering automation, collaboration, or even CRM integration is not a custom development project if you use our 2Ring GADGETS, providing these improvements will not represent a show stopper or a roadblock when the time comes to upgrade either the IS or the contact center.

To sum up, 2Ring’s power-pack of GADGETS for Cisco Finesse has a very positive impact on TCO of Cisco’s Contact Centers.

For the End-Customers, we bring efficiency and improved collaboration. 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse are a great example of this since they automate certain tasks for agents (e.g., navigating the CRM with customer information), eliminate the number of clicks needed for certain tasks (e.g., finding the calling customer, transferring a call back to the IVR for a customer satisfaction survey, changing an agent’s state to Ready, ..), and fight against silos by bringing agents closer to the rest of the organization (contact center agents are able to reach out to remote experts or find anyone in the organization via our TEAM Gadget). Our WALLBOARDS product shows real-time data on the traffic pouring into the contact center. This allows agents to modify their communication style on the fly – they can invest more time in a customer if the wait time is short, and keep it brief and efficient during busy hours. All of our solutions focus on saving time and making agents more productive, so customers of our end-customers are served better.

Cisco Contact Center Partners, resellers, do you already deliver the above mentioned services to your customers? Good, that’s what they need. If you do so using our solutions, then it is even better. If not, then I strongly recommend that you check our web page to request a free trial of 2Ring products and to see for yourself where the real value is for your business, and also for your customers.

And please do not forget to tweet about us – @2RingCX 🙂

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