React to your Customers’ Needs – The Importance of Real Time Data within the Contact Center

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by 2Ring · Nov 09, 2021

Kevin Schleising is the UK & I Sales Director at 2Ring. With years of experience in the contact center space, he strives to deliver tailored customer journey solutions to your enterprise’s needs. Read below to get Kevin’s take on how 2Ring and Five9® are reshaping the modern contact center. Click here to get in touch with Kevin.

As both the Business to Consumer & Business to Business marketplace evolve all customers are looking for a quick, efficient & improved service.  The ability to monitor and react to the performance of the customer contact center is vital for organizations to meet the service expectations of potential new customers & existing customers alike.

2Ring’s Dashboard & Wallboards solution, partnered with Five9, offers organizations an accurate & flexible solution to allow the contact center to align with your business priorities in real time and offer the best possible experience to your customers.

With 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9 you can select over 220 KPI’s to monitor, allowing you to manage resource allocation in line with the demand on your contact center. This leads to a number of benefits, on top of enhancing your customers experience.

By setting & measuring realistic KPIs, your contact center staff have a live visual display of the team performance and of their own personal performance, if desired. We see this boosting morale of the employees and drives engagement with business goals. It also gives contact center managers the ability to react to the data shown, by re-assigning agents to busy queues for example, which leads to enhancements in productivity by having the right resource, in the right place, at the right time. The relevant people can be notified if any KPI’s exceed thresholds by visual, audible or email alerts. Happy staff, who are available when required, leads to a great service for customers.

Measuring queues is one important metric to analyze when thinking about customer service. However, businesses nowadays are looking to display, in real time, what impact that the contact center is having on the business itself.

Having a busy inbound queue responding to a marketing campaign and not having an increased number of opportunities in your CRM means that something’s not right & needs to be changed immediately, whilst the demand is great. 2Ring gives you the ability to display external information from CRM & ITSM applications on your Wallboards so you can measure the effectiveness of the call center from an end-to-end perspective & not focus on just handling interactions quickly. With flexible working & the office anywhere ethos, we don’t just display real time data from our Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9 solution on large screens within the contact center, but we also have the ability to display on PC screens, smart TVs, tablets & smartphones, allowing remote workers and managers to view important live data wherever they are.

2Ring allows you to build an unlimited number of views to be displayed on an unlimited number of devices. We’re increasingly working with our end users to utilizes our technology in reception areas, showing the latest corporate external messaging, & in breakout rooms highlighting pertinent messaging for employees via the latest presentations or videos. We even have organizations showing the weather forecast on the Wallboards, enabling them to make decisions on where goods will leave their distribution centers, ensuring deliveries don’t get held up by severe weather.

As mentioned earlier, businesses & market places are evolving, and at 2Ring we’ve ensured that our Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9 real time alerting solution has, and will continue to evolve with you, allowing you to run your business in the most efficient & effective way possible.

To see the power of 2Ring’s Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9 solution and discuss how we can integrate real time data to have a lasting, positive impact on your business, schedule a demo with your local 2Ring consultant here.

Kevin Schleising, UK & I Sales Director at 2Ring – – Tel : +44 7842 553492

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