Custom Feedback Campaign

Choose any set of questions and metrics together. Create your own rules and question flows. Different trigger points can activate different feedback campaigns (surveys). You won’t be limited what you can ask your customers.

CX Metrics

Select some of the standard CX metrics or create your own. Incorporate them to your surveys to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES), first call/contact resolution (FCR), customer experience journey (CXJ), or net promoter score (NPS).

Customer to Employee Feedback

Turn cold anonymous surveys into personal interactions. Customer to Employee Feedback (CEF) includes the name and picture of the agent who the customer spoke to. It contains a magical phrase "thank you”, by which customers can express their satisfaction. At the same time, they can give a “suggestion” to express their experience or dissatisfaction with the agent

Feedback Management

Managers and supervisors can use various tools to work with customer feedback. E.g. they can star feedback, add notes and labels to it, etc. Feedback can be filtered based on sentiment, question, label, team, if starred, (not) replied, contains discussion and many others. If you often use specific combinations of filters, you can save them as presets.

Staffino also provides tools for closed loop feedback management - respond to customer feedback and discuss feedback internally with agents or other managers in the most efficient and engaging way.

Data Interpretation

Standard set of dashboards includes various graphs, trends and calculations based on your product mix (feedback campaigns). Get full overview of performance of your teams and individual agents. See conversion rates on feedback, etc.

Moreover, Staffino can prepare advanced dashboards with KPIs relevant for your managers and supervisors. The business analytics and structure behind Staffino dashboards is extremely flexible and can be customized for any specific requirements you may have. You can also feed real-time dashboard data on different levels of command.

Employee Engagement

This optional module provides each agent with an interface where they can see their personal feedback statistics and read positive feedback that they received from the customers. The Employee Engagement module is very effective in fostering agents’ motivation and recognition via positive customer feedback. Any feedback discussed by a manager with the agent will also appear here.

Moreover, Staffino can prepare gamified dashboards for your agents that are personalized to your specific use case and company needs. They can include different badges, various rankings and graphs reflecting your agent’s (and their team’s) performance.

Email, SMS, WhatsApp & Viber Feedback Requests

Request feedback from your customers in the most effective and engaging way. Staffino provides many options to collect customer feedback. All templates can be customized and personalized by customer and interaction attributes. See how Staffino compares to IVR post call surveys in our blog post here.


Staffino is an independent cloud based CX solution that works as an add-on to 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse®. You can use it with Gadgets, automating send-out of feedback requests after each customer interaction, or separately on its own. Results from Staffino can be also incorporated in 2Ring Wallboards & Dashboards.


There’s much more to Staffino. To see if Staffino meets your requirements, send us an email or schedule a demo.