2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse v4.1 (updated to include v4.2 release notes)

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by 2Ring · Feb 03, 2019

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a set of simple, open, and smart tools for improving productivity and user experience across all Cisco Contact Center platforms (Express, Enterprise, and Packaged UCCE). To see what 2Ring can do for your contact center, schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

What’s New in 4.1 / 4.2?

  • Added Cisco Finesse 12 support.
  • Dialog Gadget
    • Visual overhaul.
    • All dialog control buttons can be dynamically enabled/disabled or shown/hidden by 2Ring Orchestrator (workflow).
    • Custom dialog control buttons can be created (and these buttons can be handled from 2Ring Orchestrator if desired).
    • Agents can change a color of any of the existing dialog tabs to highlight such interaction, and 2Ring Orchestrator can be used to automatically set a color for interactions that meet certain criteria (e.g. existing customer).
    • Chat and email workflow events and actions are now available in invisible mode.
    • A dial pad is now part of ALL dialing actions.
  • UCCX Mail Channel
    • The mail channel implementation supports all basic actions available in the Cisco Multisession gadget and more.
    • Response templates can contain dialog variables and other dialog and user properties.
    • Signatures can contain Dialog variables and other Dialog and user properties.
    • Agent can leave a note before re-queueing an email. This note will then be visible for the next assignee.
    • Composition of the reply message can be fully automated via 2Ring Orchestrator (workflow).
    • Mail conversations can be enriched with custom variables similar to voice and chat channels.
    • Agents can explicitly save a draft of the entered response.
    • Wrapup can be enforced before a response is sent.
  • UCCX Chat Channel
    • A preview of the last received message is displayed in the Dialog tab.
    • Audible alerts can be played when a new chat dialog or a new chat message is received.
    • Quick responses can be searched through.
    • Response templates can contain dialog variables and other dialog and user properties.
    • Agents and Supervisors can send internal messages that are only displayed to contact center staff.
    • Agents and Supervisors can continue their conversation after customer has left the conversation.
    • Messages sent by bots can be distinguished from the agent-sent messages.
    • Dialog tabs can signal that a bot is active in a conversation.
    • Wrapup can be enforced before ending a chat or leaving a group chat.
  • Team Gadget
    • New option for selecting all teams/queues is available in settings.
    • The sort order of agents can now be configured by one of the attributes (First name, Last name, Full name, Login name).
    • Rich text messages can be sent to the Ticker gadget.
    • Sent broadcast messages can be set to blink on arrival.
  • Ticker Gadget
    • Ticker can be used for displaying error and warning messages via 2Ring Orchestrator (workflow).
    • Rich text messages sent from the Team Gadget and via workflow can be displayed.
    • Displayed messages can blink as specified by the sender.
  • Orchestrator (Workflow)
    • New Finesse 12 workflow events are available for use in 2Ring Orchestrator (2Ring workflow engine).
    • New actions for sending mails through a configured SMTP server.
    • New actions for blocking/unblocking the Dialog gadget user interface.
    • Chat and Mail user state can be set from 2Ring Orchestrator (workflow).
    • Mail responses can be composed from 2Ring Orchestrator.
    • Mail and chat templates are available for use in 2Ring Orchestrator.
    • Experimental TypeScript support has been added:
      • Supports separate workflow modules.
      • Supports loading external libraries.


To request an upgrade of your system to the latest release, please contact us.

What’s Next?

The next releases will bring customer journey, and custom Dialog Apps.

Feature Requests

All of the features above were added based on feedback received from our customers and/or prospects, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any feature suggestions. To schedule a live demo of 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse, please visit www.2Ring.com/Demo

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