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A fully web-based solution for calculating & displaying real-time data on large screens contact centers (wallboards) and also directly on computer screens of supervisors, agents and even on mobile devices of executives (dashboards). Visual alert (color changes, blinking), audible alerts (one-time, repetitive) and email alerts based on your thresholds are also easy to setup and change on the fly. Schedule Demo or Try It Free to see how you can create unlimited number of views using out of the box Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); grids; pictures; marquees; YouTube videos; web content (such as weather forecast); and even slides (via PDF export).

Available for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) 8.5+; Enterprise (UCCE) and Packaged UCCE 8.5+; Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) v9+.


2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is a software solution that empowers business users and supervisors to deliver information in real-time to every screen needed. A screen doesn't only mean large plasma screens in contact centers and break-rooms, the individual workstations of agents, supervisors, or even managers who are not part of the contact center, but a screen also means most Android devices (phones and tablets), iOS (iPhone, iPads), or Windows phones and tablets (including Surface).

Available for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) 8.5+, Enterprise (UCCE) and Packaged UCCE 8.5+, and even for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) v9+.

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Stay Focused on Your Audience - companies have the need for accurate and timely information to be available to the right people. Organizations, even if they come from the same vertical, are not uniform, and agents, supervisors, and managers have different expectations for real-time reporting. Therefore, we strive to learn about your requirements and end each project with a deployment of 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS providing think-through real-time layouts that fit the needs of every team using or influenced by the performance of the contact center. For example, does your statistical day start at 7AM and not after midnight? No problem. It can be taken into account in the calculation of all of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Do you want to show the agents how valuable they are for the business? Incorporate in your layout some KPIs from the ERP system. Is the service desk using a contact center as well? Build a custom layout for the service desk department - so on one plasma screen they get to see not only the number of calls in the queue and the longest waiting call, but also how many tickets of priority 1 have not yet been resolved. 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS lets you build team specific layouts.

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere - WEB Client allows you to be connected to the contact center from wherever business (or family) takes you. All that without installing a platform specific app. All that without worrying about screen resolutions - all content automatically resizes to the space you can give it. Simply open a bookmark in a browser on your mobile device and review all important key performance indicators (KPIs) at one glance. A sample layout is available at www.2Ring.com/TryIt.

Bring Real-Time Stats to Cisco Finesse - add or upgrade to 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse (ENHANCED or PREMIUM Bundle) to view your screens inside of Cisco Finesse, to send messages  from Cisco Finesse to any of the message tickers, and to access even more real-time information such as agent call history or current call info for every agent (what queue agent's call came from, what are the call variables of agent's call, ..).

Built by Experts with Years of Experience - this solution is built, further developed and supported by 2Ring, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner.

  • 2Ring_Cisco_Customer_Experience_Center_London.jpg 2Ring in Cisco Customer Experience Center in London
  • 2Ring_WALLBOARDS_62_Charts.JPG
  • 2Ring_WALLBOARDS_60_NewLook 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS v6.0 - new mobile friendly look
  • 2Ring DW - Current Calls in CSQ - UCCX 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS v6.0 - list of calls waiting in queue (UCCX)
  • 2Ring_WALLBOARDS_53_Configuration_Tool_Building_Layout_Slicing.png 2Ring DW - CONFIGURATION Tool - Slicing Your Screen / Layout Building
  • 2Ring_WALLBOARD_on_Win10phone.png 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS v6.1 layout on Win10 Phone


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2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS consists of two components - CONFIGURATION Tool and WEB Client.

CONFIGURATION Tool - a web-based tool available to power-users including contact center supervisors. The tool was designed with business users in mind. A lot every day operational changes in a contact center can be implemented without having the IT department involved. Here is the list of features:

  • Create and adjust Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) / Metrics
    • Pick one of many existing KPIs, use it as it is, or adjust its calculation if needed
    • Set up thresholds - good, neutral, bad values
    • Make visual /design changes - background color and font type, size, color, ..
  • Create and adjust Grids
    • Display a filtered and sorted list of agents or queues with auto-paging option
  • Create and adjust Message Tickers / Marquees
    • Send text messages to message tickers in real-time
    • Adjust scrolling speed
  • Create and adjust Layouts
    • Divide screens into an "unlimited" number of live frames
    • Pick one of many layout templates, adjust it, or build your own from scratch
  • Create and adjust Content Sequences
  • Create and adjust Layout Sequences
    • Assign appropriate content to each frame
  • Register External Content
    • PDF Files
    • YouTube Videos
    • Weather
    • Web-based content
  • Define email alerts based on thresholds set for KPIs (service level goes under X, # of calls in queue goes over Y, ..)

WEB Client - made to provide real-time statistics in a browser. It is ideal for accessing information on the go - on cell-phones and tablets (no need to download and install an app), and it is also great for integrating your real-time data into other applications - such as agent and supervisor desktops (including Cisco Finesse and Cisco Jabber for Windows). Here is the list of supported features:

  • Touch Screen Friendly list of Layouts
  • Content Type Support
    • KPIs
      • Thresholds (good, neutral, and bad value)
      • KPI blinking on bad value / over threshold
    • Grids
    • Banners (message tickers) including support for displaying pictures and current time
    • Web-Based Content / Reports
    • Static and Live Video Streams (incl. YouTube and Vimeo)
    • PDF Slides (auto-paging, export PowerPoint slides to a PDF file)
    • Weather
  • Bookmarkable Layouts / Permalinks
    • If you use a certain layout often, bookmark it for a window or full-screen mode
  • Automatic Content Resizing to the screen's resolution or to the window's size
  • Sequencing of Layouts
    • Rotate a sequence of layouts which can look like this: layout A for 10 seconds, then switch to layout B for 15, and then to layout C for 25 seconds
  • Sequencing of multiple KPI types within a layout's frame
    • Within one layout, use one frame to sequence multiple KPIs
  • Rich Browser Support
    • IE9+, the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Rich Platform Support
    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 workstations, Windows Phones, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Android phones and tablets, Cisco DX650 phones, 2Ring BROWSER Gadget inside of Cisco Finesse and 2Ring COMPACT AGENT (incl. version inside of Cisco Jabber for Windows)
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