2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse part of Cisco’s dCloud

2RingCX Cisco Gadgets for Cisco Finesse

by 2Ring · May 07, 2013

2Ring, a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer, is proud to announce that 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse has become part of Cisco’s cloud-based demonstration platform for partners – dCloud.

This unique demonstration platform provides simplified and reliable delivery of demonstrations and offers partners with demonstration stories built by leveraging best practices for seamless integration into the selling process.

Cisco partners that request access to the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise V2 demo will be able to use Cisco Finesse, a web-based agent desktop application enhanced with the following 2Ring GADGETS: infoPANEL, 2Ring TEAM, 2Ring BROWSER, and 2Ring COMPACT AGENT for Cisco Jabber. Learn more about the benefits of adding these gadgets to Cisco Finesse in this presentation​, or click here to schedule a live demo with one of our experts.

Making 2Ring GADGETS part of dCloud, an easy to use and highly accessible demonstration platform, is another step in 2Ring’s strategy to make it easy for our partners to offer our software solutions complementing Cisco’s out-of-the-box solutions. Therefore, do not hesitate, and request your session on dCloud here.

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