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by 2Ring · Mar 22, 2017

SACRAMENTO, March 22, 2017 – 2Ring has been selected for the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, and 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards is one of the solutions now available on Cisco’s GPL price list as of March 20, 2017 – read the official Cisco Solutions Plus press release here.

Any Changes to Licensing/Pricing?

Yes, we are making some changes to how the solution is licensed, sold, and supported. Here is a recap:

  • The solution can be fully deployed by a Cisco/2Ring reseller or even by the end-customer. 2Ring deployment services do NOT have to be part of a purchase order.
    • Note: This means that any technical help provided by 2Ring during the deployment process will be treated as a support request and thus taken out of the allocated support hours – see below for more details.
  • The minimum number of purchased licenses per purchase order is 25. This also means that that the minimum number of licenses initially purchased by any customer is 25. 
  • MSRP has been increased as has the value of the solution by adding the ability to use multiple connectors (CUCM, Unity, Salesforce and ServiceNow). These additional connectors are now available to all customers with a single connector for Cisco CCX, or Cisco P(U)CCE.
    • Note: Licenses for these additional connectors are available upon request and, providing that the conditions are met, are free of charge. 
  • As a result of increased efficiencies and streamlined best practices, the solution is easier to install, configure, and upgrade than ever before. The effort required to deploy our solution has decreased by 25%. The current number of man-hours is the bare minimum needed for 1) integrating with Cisco Contact Center, 2) fine tuning of up to ten (10) layouts/views, 3) creating customized post-installation (as-built) documentation, and 4) delivering a WebEx training session for up to fifteen (15) power-users. 
  • To better serve our partners and customers, we have implemented the following changes to our current support model (a) upon the activation of your support, this coverage will be represented as man-hours, these hours are tracked in 2Ring’s support system and can be used solely on customer’s discretion which includes but is not limited to installation, configuration, upgrades, training, and consulting. (b) these hours are carried over to the next support period and is not lost at time of expiration provided that the coverage period has not lapsed for more than sixty (60) days.
    • 2R-SUP-BASE: 2Ring SUPPORT Base Package (6 prepaid man-hours)
      • One per solution and customer per year 
      • These man-hours are enough for the 2Ring team to upgrade the solution at least once a year (via remote access) 
    • 2R-SUP-DW-1Y: 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS (DW) Support for 1 YEAR
      • The order number must match the number of DW licenses. 
      • For every 25 licenses, a customer’s account is credited with 1 additional man-hour. 
      • Maximum number of credited man-hours for UCCX customers per year of support coverage is 20 (6 from Base Support Package + 14 additional). 
      • Maximum number of credited man-hours for UCCE customers per year of support coverage is 50 (6 from Base Support Package + 44 additional). 
  • Changes to current license entitlement without penalty is limited to a single change per calendar year and excludes the following conditions (a) Changes to the legal name of business entity due to acquisition or legal merger, (b) Migrations to or from an Express or Enterprise solution within the same organization.

No Change

  • The solution is licensed by the number of concurrent agents in your contact center.
    • The solution is licensed by the number of concurrent agents, period. It is not licensed by the number of concurrent agents on UCCX or on UCCE. In other words, customers are free to request a different split of their licenses among multiple UCCX connectors or even to migrate licenses from UCCX to the UCCE connector free of charge. 
  • The solution doesn’t have to be used by the entire contact center; instead, a license filter can be applied. The filter is part of the configuration tool, and the administrator can change the entered value at any point – so if the queue’s name changes or if agents from different groups need to be excluded, an administrator can make this change without contacting 2Ring. The actual filtering options are different on each Cisco platform:
    • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express – it is possible to exclude agents from certain queues (if an agent is in multiple queues, s/he is only counted once) 
    • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (incl. Packaged) – it is possible to exclude agents from certain precision queues or skill-groups (if an agent is in multiple queues, s/he is only counted once). The filter can only be applied to queues or to skill-groups, not to both.
      • Note: CallType-based calculations are not available if 2Ring DW is only licensed for a subset of concurrent agents (covering agents from particular skill groups or precision queues) 
  • To sum it up, the solution is NOT licensed by
    • named agents (instead we use the concurrent count that is always lower than the number of named agents)
    • the number of users looking at the screens
    • the number of screens on which the layouts are displayed on
    • the number of servers/instances
    • there is no license charge for deploying the solution in HA (high-availability) mode or having the total number of licenses split among multiple clusters (e.g., one in the US, one in Europe, and one in APAC).
  • Support coverage cannot lapse. If support is renewed after the end of the current support period, the start of the support will be tied to the previous coverage period. If support coverage ends on Dec 31, and the PO is only issued in early February, the support period will start on Jan 1. If support is ordered more than 60 days after the coverage period ended, 2Ring reserves the right to reject the PO and charge an upgrade fee.

Honoring Price Quotes

All 2Ring quotes issued between January 1, 2017, and May 14, 2017, and all quotes issued in 2016 and “refreshed” by 2Ring staff by May 14, 2017, will be honored by 2Ring until June 14, 2017.

How do Support Changes Impact Your Existing Customers?

All existing customers whose support coverage ends after May 14, 2017, will be automatically provided a support renewal quote using the new support model.

To Conclude

This document tends to be updated based on any questions, comments, or suggestions that we receive, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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