UCCX Connector v5.3.1 for 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards

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by 2Ring · Jul 13, 2016

The 5.3.1 release of our UCCX connector for 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is available as of today. This updated connector increases the number of KPIs / metrics and it also introduces some new experimental features. For details, please review the list of newly added metrics below.

To receive a list with all the available KPIs/metrics, or to request an upgrade of your system to the latest release, please contact us.

New Features in UCCX Connector v5.3.1

  • New KPIs
    • – – Calls – In Priority Queue
    • – – Calls – Dequeued In SL
    • – – Calls – Handled By Another CSQ In SL
    • – – Calls – Handled In SL
    • – – Calls – Average Speed of Answer
    • – – Agents – Manual Outbound Calls Average Total Time
    • – – Agents – Occupancy
    • – – Agents – Utilization      
  • New Columns in Agent States Grid
    • – – Agent Skills
    • – – Occupancy
    • – – Utilization
    • – – Talking with Number (Experimental Feature) – when agent is in the Talking state, this column shows the number of the other party.
  • New Columns in CSQs Statistics Grid
    • – – Dequeued in SL
    • – – Handled by Another CSQ in SL
    • – – Average Speed of Answer
  • New Grids
    • – – Calls in Priority (Experimental Feature) – number of calls waiting in queue with specified priority
    • – – Current Calls (Experimental Feature) – listing calls in specified queue – the available columns also include – calling number, called number, call state, call variables, …

Remember that a sample layout of 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS is accessible at www.2Ring.com/TryIt (no credentials needed), full access to our public demo environment can be requested here, and last but not least, you can always request a live demo at www.2Ring.com/Demo

What’s Next?

The next release is going to be a major release, so we will be moving to version 6.0. Among other features, this release will introduce a new lightweight design (frameless) to better work in Cisco Finesse and also the concept of “Personal Tiles” – individual tiles showing multiple stats about one person in one segment.

Image of graphic used to denote press release.