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by 2Ring · Jan 31, 2020 has temporarily disabled a 2Ring add-on in its Firefox Add-ons catalogue due to policy violation concerns.

Various media outlets have incorrectly stated that 129 2Ring add-ons have been disabled, while there is only one active 2Ring add-on registered at Mozilla Catalogue. The add-on does not contain nor download any malicious code, nor does it steal user identities or data as has been claimed by some outlets.

2Ring software engineers have not yet identified any specific security issues that may have been the cause of the disablement and are trying to reach Mozilla representatives to solve any possible violations of Mozilla Add-on policies. 2Ring is committed to fixing any outstanding security concerns if/once they are identified.

The mentioned add-on is not, and never was, publicly available in the Mozilla Add-on catalogue and is solely being distributed by 2Ring as part of a larger software package. The add-on is registered in the Mozilla Add-ons catalogue so that it can be reviewed and signed by the Mozilla reviewing process and has been submitted for review after each update since 2017. It has passed all previous reviews.

2Ring is a trusted global independent software vendor providing well proven solutions to more than a thousand commercial customers.

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