End-of-Sale, End-of-Life, and End-of-Maintenance Announcement for 2Ring Call Accounting

Call Accounting End of Life End of Maintenance End of Sale EoL EoM Press Release

by 2Ring · Sep 15, 2022

September 15, 2022: This information is provided as a courtesy to assist customers managing and planning the end-of-sale and end-of-life transition. 2Ring products reach the end-of-life for many reasons including market demands, technology innovation, and development requirements. While this cycle is an established part of product development worldwide, 2Ring understands the difficulties many companies face in managing end-of-sale and end-of-life. As a result, this information is intended to assist customers to transition from an Affected Software Program Release and help them understand how 2Ring can assist in migrating to alternative 2Ring platforms and technology.

Software Program: 2Ring Call Accounting

Affected Software Release: All Releases (1.x-5.x)

The last day to order the affected product(s) is December 31, 2022.

Customers with active an EPU Support Coverage plan will continue to receive support from the 2Ring support team as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product(s).

Table 2 lists the product part numbers affected by this announcement.

For customers with active and paid EPU Support Coverage plans, support will be available until the termination date of the EPU Support Coverage plan.

Table 1. End-of-Life Milestones and Dates for 2Ring Call Accounting

End-of-Life Announcement DateThe date this end-of-sale and end-of-life, and end-of-maintenance announcement for the Affected Software Program Release is distributed to the general public.September 15, 2022
End-of-Sale DateThe last date to order the Affected Software Program Release. The Affected Software Program Release is no longer for sale after this date.December 31, 2022
End of Service Attachment Date:
App. SW
For Affected Software Program Release that is not covered by an EPU Support Coverage plan, this is the last date to order a new EPU Support Coverage plan contract or add the Affected Software Program Release to an existing EPU Support Coverage plan. This is also the last date to extend or renew an EPU Support Coverage plan for the Affected Software Program Release. December 31, 2023
End of SW Maintenance Releases Date:
App. SW
The last date that 2Ring Engineering may release any final software Major Release or Minor Release. After this date, 2Ring Engineering will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the Affected Software Program Release. After this date, all support services for the Affected Software Program Release are unavailable, and the Affected Software Program Release becomes obsolete.February 28, 2025

Table 2. Product Part Numbers Affected by This Announcement

End-of-Sale Product Part NumberProduct DescriptionReplacement Product Part NumberReplacement Product DescriptionAdditional Information
2Ring-AC2Ring Call AccountingThere is currently no replacement product available for this product.Some customers might consider migration to 2Ring Phone Services that provides basic reporting over CUCM data.

Here is an explanation of some of the terms that we use in this notice:

The terms used in this end-of-sale and end-of-life, and end-of-maintenance announcement that are capitalized but not defined have the meanings set forth in the 2Ring EPU Support and Maintenance Policy.

Software Program: A 2Ring software product. A Software Program may contain multiple releases which are not affected by this policy.

Affected Software Program Release: The specific release of the Software Program affected by this end-of-sale end-of-life, and end-of-maintenance announcement. The current Affected Software Program Release includes the most current Software Program release listed on the product page at www.2Ring.com  

EPU Support Coverage: The 2Ring Maintenance and Support Policy described at www.2ring.com/SupportTermsEPU

The end-of-sale, end-of-life, and end-of-maintenance policy general guidelines are:

  1. Software support will generally be as follows:
    • For one year following the end-of-sale date, 2Ring may provide Major Releases and Minor Releases according to the EPU Support Coverage plan.
    • After the first year following the end-of-sale date, 2Ring will no longer provide Major Releases or Minor Releases. It may be necessary to upgrade to a release of 2Ring Supported Software for a functioning Software Program.
  2. You will need to ensure that you have a current and fully paid EPU Support Coverage plan to ensure that you receive effective support for the Affected Software Programs Release.

Product Migration Options

Service prices for 2Ring Affected Software Program Releases are subject to change after the product End-of-Sale date.

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