2Ring Phone Services v7.5 – updated to incl. 7.5.1 and 7.5.2

CallManager Cisco CUCM IPPS New Release Phone Services Release Notes

by 2Ring · Apr 28, 2016

2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS) v7.5.2 is available as of today. To learn more, schedule a live demo over Cisco Webex.

  • v7.5.2 (release date – April 28, 2016)
    • – – New Features
      • Phone IP address cache is implemented now. It can be used to avoid exceeding CUCM request limit.
      • SpeedDial page improvements.
      • E.164 format support.
      • New CLID option ‘Hide when call is answered’ for Desktop Client.
      • Exchange import wizard synchronize photos only when it is enabled by configuration.
      • 2Ring Call Monitoring (v2.0) – rewritten to improve stability and to show errors in user friendly way.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Numbers under call softkeys on phones contact detail page are now translated by Numbering Plan rules.
      • -Change background alert saves files to correct folder now. It means the alert works now.
      • Users cannot access restricted address books by direct URL address without permissions.
      • Group of Numbers used by any temporary paging/messaging template can by deleted now. Also user can be deleted during synchronization when he/she have any such group associated.
      • Proxy symbol [CompanyName] works again in CLID.
      • Submit button does not miss on the Notification page, when no prayer is defined.
      • Next button works now. It means the directory pages behave as expected when Next is pressed during browsing.
      • Exchange 2010+ autodiscovery will work even for impersonation.
      • Occasionally, the monitoring info page was not shown on IP phone display. It is fixed now.
  • v7.5.1 (release date – February 18, 2016)
    • New Features
      • CUCM contact import uses paging when requesting end users.
      • Czech ‘ch’ character (and many other country specific characters) are now handled by IntelliSearch. The ‘ch’ character is now associated with button 4.
      • Speed Dial Category page for 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse. ATTENTION: ActionButtons are moved to a new location.
      • Team Call Notifications are handled by TAPIReporting service now. ATTENTION: Remove Team Call notification rule from TAPIObserver after an upgrade.
      • Jabber Team Call page can now activate monitoring on any other user devices when Jabber is not in softphone mode.
    • Bug Fixes
      • MoH does not fail when incompatible device is present in device pool.
      • Prerecorded paging works again on Messages page (menu Messaging -> Messages).
      • Update picture for prayer is now working.
      • Scheduler job is planned with concrete IP address instead of localhost for prayers.
      • Fixed ‘PA sound with a bad ID is created when the Scheduler is unavailable’ in Prayer form.
      • Team leaders can now see calls of the subordinates correctly when team members have more than one extension on their phones.
      • Fixed Options edit page for eRates.
      • Ajax error handling improved on Contact List page.
      • Cart button will not be displayed on the Order Tree list page.
      • Validate references to templates before deleting group of numbers.
      • Trouble with prayer version selection from an IP phone (assignment of the right lines to the appropriate group of numbers).
      • Edit page on IPPS for prayer version selections.
      • Missed call notifications are now send to all users who have DNIS in associated lines (through associated devices).
      • Fixed logging in using Windows Authentication for Desktop Client and MS Office Addins.
      • It is possible to edit/manage group of numbers assigned to a prayer without any problems.
      • When SD BLF contact name is longer than 30 characters, no error is emitted. The string is truncated.

New Features in 7.5.0

  • A New Icon Page (Service Shortcuts)
    • Create a fully customized icon page for your Cisco IP Phone with each icon providing a shortcut to a selected service of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES
  • DESKTOP Client (Contact Center-Like Automation / Pop-Ups)
    • Review full contact details of callers before answering the phone
    • Enjoy contact center-like pop-ups thanks to a workflow action that can open a caller’s contact card in your CRM system (any system that can be navigated via URL)

If you are not ready to invest in a contact center, add 2Ring PHONE SERVICES to your CUCM and enjoy contact center-like automation on user desktops without forcing users to act as contact center agents.

  • CLID for Cisco Jabber for Windows
    • Review full contact details of callers before answering the phone
  • Contact Details Page for Cisco IP Phones
    • Access contact details from the contact search page by pressing a soft key button
  • DB LookUp for CLID
    • CLID service is now able to use a third party database. If you already have a fully centralized contact data storage, there is no need to sync data to 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS)
  • Contact Synchronization
    • Users can receive email notifications every time their private contacts are automatically synchronized to 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS)
    • The existing contact synchronization with Gmail uses a new improved API from Google
  • Weather Services
    • World Weather Online API is supported now on top of Yahoo Weather API

 Bug Fixes

  • ActionButtons CSS files are now part of the distribution package
  • PhoneFinder and Streaming server services can be installed on the same system
  • Directories and all pages with paging work with 69xx Cisco IP Phone series
  • It is possible to login to Import Wizards again
  • Impersonation works in private contact import
  • Calendar service works properly
  • Links in Jabber open in a new browser window
  • DESKTOP Client – links to IPPS Contact Card work now
  • Rendered CLID takes into account the ‘Used by CLID’ check-box on address book configuration page (not ‘Display on web’)
  • CUP Wizard shows total number of calls
  • HT Statistics page does not offer future dates in calendars
  • Historical Calls, HT Calls and Current Calls pages can be opened in different tabs now
  • Unified Installer checks if .NET 4.5 is installed (the supported IIS versions are 7.5 and above). This also means that support OS is  Windows 2008R2 and above.

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