2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse v5.0

2Ring Gadgets Gadgets for Cisco Finesse New Release

by 2Ring · Mar 10, 2020

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a set of simple, open, and smart tools for improving productivity and user experience across all Cisco Contact Center platforms (Express, Enterprise, and Packaged UCCE). To see what 2Ring can do for your contact center, schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

What’s New?

  • A Change in the Architecture of 2Ring Gadgets (applies to all bundles)
    • All 5.x releases require the use of 3 additional Linux Ubuntu VMs/Servers (along the existing Windows Servers).
  • 2Ring Team Gadget
    • Integration with CUPS added, allowing agents to see Agent/Contact presence status on their profiles and as part of back-office contacts (CUCM / CallManager users).
  • Supervisors can change agents states to a Not Ready state with a specific reason code (UCCX: Voice, Chat/Email; UCCE: Voice only).
  • Added a server-based chat message history available for a configurable amount of time (default is set to 12 months)​.
    • Added messages delivery receipt icons to agent chat messages.
  • 2Ring Ticker / Broadcast Gadget
    • Fully re-implemented, using a new micro-service architecture.
    • Added a server-based history of sent out messages available for a configurable amount of time (default is set to 30 days)​.
    • Added message delivery receipt icons to broadcast messages – so supervisor gets a confirmation if a message was successfully sent to selected recipients


To request an upgrade of your system to the latest release, please contact us. It is definitely recommended to move to 5.x release as soon as possible as the end of service for 3.x and older releases has been set to June 30, 2020 – more on this here.


Below is the latest overview of our three bundles – note the option to add 2Ring Staffino Feedback Services as a subscription to all three of our bundles (learn more about Staffino at www.2Ring.com/Staffino or request demo at www.2Ring.com/Demo).

Image of graphic used to denote press release.