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Collect customer feedback and valuable insight to improve your operations. Your customers will feel heard and valued, and your call center will benefit too. Thanks to complex (yet easy to read) dashboards, call center managers will be able to improve processes, engage and motivate agents through gamification, and more. Staffino enables you to detect additional retention cases that would otherwise go unnoticed ..

2Ring Staffino Feedback Service helps to boost your contact center performance and optimize your approach to Quality Assurance. It has been developed to provide contact center supervisors with authentic feedback on specific staff members in a new, engaging way - your customers will be sent an e-mail or a text message after each call/chat conversation.

In comparison to IVR or recalling, the data show that Staffino has very high conversion rates of up to 25%. On average, 80% of all feedback is positive. Case studies prove that real-time sharing of positive feedback with each agent improves working morale and boosts agents' motivation.

Capture and resolve customer feedback fast and effectively & prevent negative ratings from spreading on social media  


Our easy and modern interface allows you and your managers to quickly respond to feedback, so you never leave any customer unhappy. An important part of feedback management is internal discussions between different designated managers or between managers and employees. This helps to solve problems swiftly and channel them to the appropriate people internally.

Identify calls or chats that are not handled to customers’ expectations & save $ on retention cases  


Strategically focused feedback campaigns, across your organization and customer journeys, will help you to identify customers that are about to leave. We can help you identify potential leavers through simple transactional surveys or with specifically targeted NPS metrics.

Uncover the weaknesses and strengths of each agent & effortlessly compare performance among teams  


Staffino dashboards give you a real-time overview of which employees need more training and in what areas. Managers can also identify the best agent’s practices and use those in future trainings.

Understand customer needs and expectations & improve processes  


Thanks to measuring customer interactions with world-standard metrics, you can make data backed decisions and manage improvement. Running our Semantic Engine on thousands of feedback entries will help you to identify quick wins. A typical semantic engine analyses text based on keywords. Staffino's engine doesn't require keywords for its analysis. You can let the AI divide feedback into topics on its own. You can also type specific drivers you are interested to track and see how they are reflected in the feedback you collected.

Motivate agents through gamification and real-time distribution of positive feedback from customers & engage them in the Resolution center  


We focus heavily on involving your staff. In gamified dashboards your agents may see their own personal performance and comparison to their colleagues or other teams. You can decide if your employees see only positive feedback or the whole range of feedback. The direct thank-yous that employees receive boost morale, engagement and overall satisfaction. Manager’s comments or questions about feedback are highlighted in the Resolution center. This private channel between managers and front-line employees is a valuable source of process improvement.

Create your own dashboards with KPIs relevant to your managers  


Each feedback campaign has a specific set of dashboards that can be accessed on different levels. Once you create the structure of your organization, designated employees and managers will see dashboards customized for their daily actions. The business analytics and code structure behind Staffino's dashboards is extremely flexible and can be tailored for any specific requirements you may have.

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