Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Silent Monitoring & Whisper Coaching

Every team supervisor has the option to listen to the team’s calls, and if necessary advise team members without being noticed by the remote party. This feature is well known in traditional call centers; 2Ring PHONES SERVICES makes it available for CUCM environments.

Call History

Do not lose information about your calls after your phone is restarted or upgraded. Plus, if you use Cisco Extension Mobility, thanks to Call History, all of your directories will travel with you. The missed calls directory will include advanced CallerID information (name, last name, company) for all calls.

Current Calls

View all current/ongoing/active calls at a certain moment via a list of all current calls (including those that are just ringing).

Call Reporting

An easy to use report that lists all calls with rich filtering options. It is easy to find out who called whom in a specified time interval. Administrators can view all records, while team leaders can only access those related to their teams. For advanced call accounting needs, please check out 2Ring Call Accounting (AC).

Message & Page Reporting

A simple report that lists all messaging and paging activity. Find who used the messaging tools that are part of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES and when they were used. Administrators can view all records, while team leaders can only access those related to their teams.


Have administrators, device owners or other specified users notified about certain IP telephony events (e.g., a call to 911, a missed call from a particular client/number, an outbound call to premium numbers, an unusually long call, a number of parallel calls exceeding a predefined threshold, ...). The alerts can be distributed by a combined use of multiple channels – this includes email, text messaging, displaying an image on a phone, playing a prerecorded message, launching a voice page, dropping a call, etc. 2Ring Phone Services is a powerful alerting system.

Alert Scheduling

Some alerts are note set off by specific call activity, but are caused by human activity and/or processes already in place. You can use such knowledge and plan alerts so users know about such events in advance (e.g., you can send an alert before a CUCM maintenance window starts, servers are rebooted, and/or a fire drill begins).

Emergency Alerts

For some special occasions such as an intruder on the site, fire or gas alarms, or other emergency situations, you can prepare the alerts to be used in advance and make them quickly accessible on selected IP phones. An employee can then just start the alert from an IP Phone (press a button or navigate within the service menu and select the Alert), and 2Ring Phone Services will do the rest automatically as configured (e.g., play a prerecorded message and send SMS messages to security personnel).

Missed Call Alerts

Users can be notified about missed calls to their extension via email and or SMS.

Weather Alerts (US only)

Automatically notify employees about upcoming situations like tornadoes or other events reported by the National Weather Service.

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