Text (And Image) Messaging

Texting to one, many, or even thousands of “targets” is easy with 2Ring PHONE SEVICES (IPPS). Send texts to cell phones and Jabber Clients; send emails; or even send texts and images to Cisco IP Phones by using easy to use but powerful templates or ad-hoc messages. Texting to external numbers outside of your corporate network requires the presence of a 2N VoiceBlue Next (a GSM gateway) or a subscription service to a 3rd party service of a selected SMS service provider.

Paging / Public Announcement (PA) System

Say no to analog paging systems or just connect them to your IP network by using devices such as 2N NetSpeaker. Page (a live one-way voice broadcast) and or broadcast a prerecorded announcement to a named group of extensions. There is no easier way to call people to attend an impromptu meeting or make an announcement. Paging targets can be Cisco IP phones, IP speakers, overhead systems, particular IP addresses, and even external numbers (then the paging is sent as a standard call).

Messaging Templates

You can prepare templates for pre-recorded announcements or for live paging that include text, image, and audio. Have a template ready for a time of need.

Push2Talk (Walkie-Talkie)

Press and hold a button on your Cisco IP Phone so others can hear you, and once you are done, release it to let others speak.

Paging by the Call (Cisco UCM Only)

You can associate desired targets (IP speakers, IP phones) to a phone number and thus allow users call the number to start a page even from their cell-phones

Record the Page before Broadcast (Cisco UCM Only)

Users can record a page and listen to it before the broadcast. Messages can also be saved for later or repetitive use.

Muslim Prayers

Muslim prayers can be delivered to Cisco IP phones when necessary. Users can sign in and out of such broadcasts on their own.

One Click Paging/Texting

Does your staff need quick access to a certain message, prepared page, or a messaging template? Nothing is easier than to assign such an action to one of the speed dial buttons.

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