Call Management & Call Routing

Caller Identification (CLIP/CLID)

benefit from immediate caller identification for calls from your partners, customers, co-workers’ cell phones, and even family members. The more contacts stored in 2Ring PHONE SERVICES, the more calls are identified. 2Ring IPPS manages the standard Cisco's caller identification dialog, and/or it displays its own dialog that can also come with a lot of additional information about the caller (incl. a photo).

External Call Control (Cisco UCM Only)

call routing can be managed by IPPS – calls can be rejected, diverted to a different number, sent to a voice mail, etc., thanks to an unlimited number of defined rules.

Black Lists

by using external call control and a directory within 2Ring PHONE SERVICES, it is easy to set up a black list to handle inbound and/or outbound calls from such contacts in a certain way (give them a busy tone, reject such calls, etc.)

Call Responder

when a company has fewer public numbers than internal extensions, it is possible to have inbound calls redirected to the last extension that called the calling number.

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