2Ring Staffino Feedback Service helps to boost your contact center performance and optimize your approach to Quality Assurance. It has been developed to provide contact center supervisors with authentic feedback on specific staff members in a new, engaging way – your customers will be sent an e-mail or a text message after each call/chat conversation.

Case studies prove that real-time sharing of positive feedback with each agent improves working morale and boosts agents’ motivation.

Increasing agents’ motivation can also lead to significant savings, reducing voluntary attrition rates, as agents tend to leave their job often because of a lack of motivation, low recognition or because of stress. Thanks to increased agent motivation, one of our clients reported up to a 4% decrease of voluntary attrition in 2 years after the Staffino deployment, as can be seen in the graph to the right. 

For this particular client, a rough internal estimate on cost savings thanks to the lower voluntary attrition was around $550,000 over a 2 year period. This helped operations focus on other root causes of attrition, minimizing costs on initial training periods of new staff, for instance. To learn how this solution could benefit your business, we invite you to schedule a demo below or reach out to us at