The 2Ring Connector for ServiceNow® makes the integration with Cisco® Contact Centers flexible and affordable.

2Ring supports the complete suite of ServiceNOW offerings:

The following Cisco contact center platforms are supported by 2Ring:

  • Cisco® Unified Contact Center Express – UCCX
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise – UCCE, incl. Packaged UCCE and Hosted
  • Cisco Webex® Contact Center Enterprise

2Ring allows you to integrate Cisco Contact Center with ServiceNow CRM in such a way that best fits each of your call center teams

1. Agents can live and work within ServiceNow Portal*,

2. Agents work with ServiceNow data in Cisco Finesse, or

3. Agents use ServiceNow and Cisco Finesse in a tandem aka Hybrid Mode

In either integration scenario, agents are still able to access any of the native gadgets in Cisco Finesse – and thus they have  full visibility about their personal interaction history, state history, and therefore they do not lose access to many other contact center tools – such as their schedule from Calabrio® Workforce.

To review all the features provided by 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse®, visit the dedicated product page here.

To learn about benefits of each of these three integration modes, read our blog here.

*2Ring integration requires for agents to login to Cisco Finesse first, and then leave Cisco Finesse in the background on one of the browser tabs, the same browser session that agent uses to work with ServiceNow.