Your Data, Your Calculations

You understand your business goals and the mission of your contact center. We understand the structure of the databases that are behind your contact center platform (such as Cisco® Unified Contact Centers - Express, Enterprise, Packaged UCCE, Hosted, Webex® Contact Center) and are ready to build custom reports about the contact center’s performance in a structure that will best suit your requirements. This can even include custom calculations that will not follow the “standard” approach towards some of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For example, do you need the service level not to include calls that came after business hours, and at the same time, do you have different business hours for every skill group? The custom reports built by our specialists can handle such scenarios, and much more. Work with reports that suit your needs from top to bottom, and from left to right. Remove the need to modify outputs in MS Excel. Get what you need right away.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Efficiently prepared reports by professionals that know the contact center’s underlying databases and terminology and common business requirements. We are ready to suggest a package of real-time as well as historical reports that are based on the goals you need to achieve. At the same time, our specialists and consultants will be available to help you with the necessary consultations.

Various Data Sources in One Report

Would you like to know the value of your agents? Start tracking agents’ conversations to actual sales. The nature of modern reporting tools allows our specialists to combine data from many sources and present them in a unified form within one report. Utilize our experience combining data from different contact center channels, IP telephony, ERP, and even service desk systems. We can build historical and real-time reports that can mix data from various data sources.

Predict the Future with Power BI

Let us feed Power BI with your contact center data to let it discover patterns and thus predict future trends to drive business results, such as better customer service thanks to improved prediction of call volume spikes.

Interactive Views with Power BI

Have the ability to easily create interactive layouts of data analyzed by Power BI, and create impactful visual representations of calculated trends that will help you drive your business goals with confidence. Modify visuals using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows business users to custom tailor KPI parameters with great ease. Make reports truly your own by formatting and designing layouts to suit your exact business specifications, so let 2Ring supercharge your contact center’s performance.

We Provide Data, You Write Reports

Yes, this is an option too. We do not have to write reports for you. If you have the know-how and bandwidth to write your own reports, and only need help with exporting data from your contact center or from other source system(s), then we can only help with configuring the data synchronization process of the required tables and ensure that it is compliant with your contact center platform. Our team can also help with defining the data structure and provide consulting to help you a set of reports that would check all the boxes. We can do as much or as little as you need us to do.

Dashboards & Wallboards

Have a look at 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards, our versatile reporting solution that already comes with out of the box data synchronization connectors for many systems including Amazon Connect, Cisco® Contact Centers (Express, Enterprise, Packaged UCCE, Hosted), Webex® CC & Webex CC Enterprise, Cisco CallManager (CUCM), Cisco Unity® (voicemail), Genesys (Cloud CX™ platform and Engage™ platform), ServiceNow®, and others. This is a mostly real-time reporting solution (what’s happening right now, how have we been doing today), but it is also capable of storing and thus reporting on end-of-the-day, end-of-the-period values, so you could build some charts showing trends and or compare your performance today vs. past.

Platform of Your Choice

You select the reporting platform - Microsoft Power BI, Cisco® Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC), and MS SQL Reporting Services. Our reporting specialists are ready to build custom reports on the platform of your choice. If you are already comfortable working with Power BI or with MS SQL, our specialists are ready to fully leverage all the benefits of this highly progressive Microsoft platforms as well. The choice is yours, but we are always ready to help you decide which platform will best suit your particular situation.