Use the potential of Cisco desk and soft phones in full

2Ring Phone Services significantly enhances the user experience with Cisco® IP telephony - CUCM by re-introducing some of the features that users were used to with legacy systems. Learn more about the features that are part of 2Ring Phone Services (PS) here.

Save time thanks to advanced caller identification

Know who is calling you, and get notified about missed calls via email.

Leverage Cisco IPT infrastructure for PA broadcasts

Leverage the existing Cisco IP telephony infrastructure for PA broadcasting, where Cisco® IP Phones can serve as a source (microphone) and also as speakers for PA broadcasts. This alone can save you extensive cabling/wiring jobs in the office.

Add Basic Contact Center Features to CUCM

If you are not yet ready to make the transition to a full contact center, you can start by using 2Ring Phone Services for adding some of the call center features to your CUCM. Learn more in our blog post here. On top of that, 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards can be used to provide real-time data about CUCM extensions and Hunt Groups.