2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards is a software solution that empowers business users and supervisors to deliver information in real-time to every screen.

Information means data from multiple data sources (supported data sources are covered in detail under features here) and built using various content types (covered in detail here).

Boards, views, layouts created in 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards are then:

  • Displayed 24×7 on large TV screens in contact centers or break-rooms,
  • Embedded inside of agent & supervisor desktop applications,
  • Embedded inside of Microsoft Teams channels or Cisco Webex spaces,
  • Floating on top of all the application windows via the use of 2Ring Power Tool. This is often used when agents work inside of a CRM system or use multiple applications. A small window with 2Ring Power Tool shows the agent a personalized layout with KPIs and delivers visual and audible alerts about important events,
  • Accessible via a preferred browser on individual workstations (and mobile devices) of agents, supervisors, or even managers who are not part of the contact center.

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