Analytical Suite

An analytical “Solution as a Service” that provides managers with unique correlations of psychometric data and performance parameters about their employees. Together with our customers, we can correlate these parameters with any performance metrics or custom external data.

  • Measure satisfaction, relationships, and engagement.
  • Correlate it with performance.
  • Understand your employees and customers.
  • Provide better customer services.

Available for all Cisco Contact Center platforms (Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - UCCX, Enterprise - UCCE, Packaged UCCE) and even for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).


AgentBalance combines parameters and metrics based on multiple sources:

  • Original AgentBalance data
  • Customer-specific data
  • External sources

AgentBalance is designed to complement the solutions already utilized in your customer services operations. Most commonly Workforce Management, Quality Management, and Customer Feedback solutions. We correlate our data and metrics with data from any other source and help you manage your workforce with unmatched effectivity and precision.

The testing method, called Color-Association Method, is a patented and scientifically verified psychometry-based testing method.

Employees take a short, intuitive test every week. They are projected a set of phrases or pictures and assign three of the eight presented colors to each of these phrases based on their current feeling about that particular phrase. The testing engine reacts to the employee’s immediate behavior and adapts the test in real-time so that it is never the same.

  • A testing method that accurately reflects an employee’s state of mind
  • No “right” or “wrong” answers
  • Regionally and culturally independent
  • 25 years of research backed by over 700,000 collected results
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Our metrics can help your company in the following areas:

  • Reducing employee turnover and customer churn
  • Optimizing the onboarding process for new employees and the overall employee life-cycle
  • Boosting sales and collections
  • Improving service quality and the satisfaction of employees and customers
  • Growing employee engagement and gamification 
  • Decreasing operational costs
  • AB_Segments.png Team results reflecting the overall attitude and mindset of your teams
  • AB_AVandKPI.png Import KPIs and find out the reasons for your company’s performance
  • AB_Knowledgebase.png Use the Knowledgebase library of common customer services issues faced by managers
  • AB_AVTesting.png Select company-specific topics and find out how your employees feel about them
  • AB_agent.png Observe correlations of individual employees’ KPIs with psychometric parameters
  • AB_Test.png Employees test themselves weekly using the Color-Association Method
  • AB_Compare.png Generate ad hoc reports based on desired data sources and situations


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Basic parameters measured weekly on individual, team, company level and presented on a customizable timeline:

  • Mental Energy – how much energy employees have and into what types of activities they invest it
  • Job Fulfillment – how fulfilled employees are by what they do
  • Loyalty Index – how likely an employee is to leave their job

Level of Influencing the Test
How much is an employee trying to hide their real current state of mind.

A/V Testing
Shows the attitude and perception of teams towards any customizable topics important for our customer.

Feedback Loop
Enables communication between a team leader and a team member (agent) about any topic related to AgentBalance parameters and data.

AgentBalance Data Sources Road Map

Knowledge base and Consultancy:

We can help customers to run their operations on employee and team level with our online knowledgebase and personalized consultancy:

  • Constantly updated set of common scenarios that team leaders deal with
  • Searchable online and hard-copy database of recommended solutions and activities built on industry best practices
  • Analysis of internal processes and their correlation with the knowledgebase
  • Standardized or customized consultancy sessions and trainings based on real-life results 
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