2Ring Phone Services v7.6.4

IPPS New Release Phone Services Release Notes

by 2Ring · Sep 24, 2019

2Ring Phone Services (IPPS) v7.6.4 is available as of today. To learn more, schedule a live demo over Cisco WebEx.

New Features

  • IPPS users can be created manually – it is now possible to create users manually (on top of integration with MS AD). This is useful mainly for deployments where IPPS is integrated into the 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse.
User profile creation
  • Improved performance of IPPS reports.
  • ECC logs can now be turned off.
  • Surname (last name) is no longer required to create a contact.
  • Character limit for custom contact fields (Custom1, Custom2, etc.) has been increased to 4000.
  • Contacts page session in anonymous mode will no longer timeout.
  • Rendered CLID can now display Ignore button to mute the incoming call and close the CLID window.
View of new ignore button
  • SpeedDial buttons now have configurable width.
  • SpeedDial actions are now configurable per category basis.
Speed dial category view
  • SpeedDial page now supports French language.
Support in French

Bug Fixes

  • Contacts in the Conference List of a SpeedDial page can be properly removed.
  • Brackets should no longer be added to numbers when created with an empty area code.

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Image of graphic used to denote press release.