2Ring Phone Services v6.3.2 – Release Notes

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by 2Ring · May 11, 2013

2Ring presents minor updates and some bug fixes to the 2Ring PHONE SERVICES IPPS v6.3.2. New Features:

– New version of 2Ring IPPS for Outlook add-in

– Numbers are searched by user or email

– Logs are stored on IPPS server 


– Jabber Message alert remembers the group selected

– Call length in reporting/history is correct

– Numbering plan applies to Favorites

– Reporting only uses global contacts for identification of called and calling numbers, call history is unchanged 

– Adding first rule to CLID does not crash the page anymore

– GMail import wizard does not overload database server now

– Text tweaks in wizards

– When asynchronous paging is created, more than 64 phones can be used

– When an alert is called from Cisco IP Phone, XML error [4] is not displayed anymore

– CLID does not display () in numbers

– Phone address books are sorted by the user

– If  a global address book is edited, then it is placed to a correct position within user address books

– Call history on the phone is not displaying calls that did not connect

– Numbering plan rules can be deleted with dependencies

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