2Ring Call Accounting v4.0

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by 2Ring · Jul 20, 2013

The only thing that is consistent is change. For those that used any of the previous versions of 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING, v4 will definitely be a major change. We have literally dressed up our proven solution in a new outfit and let it grow up. CA 4.0 is no longer a nerdy teenager, but rather a sophisticated young professional.  

With CA 4.0, all call-related reports that you ever wanted are now at your fingertips. This release is definitely more business-user friendly than any of the previous versions. You can effortlessly browse reports, custom charts, and much more without worrying about any of the technical settings. These “nerdy” settings were not removed, but users do not have to worry about them unless they really want to. And thus, well-arranged reports are now only a few clicks away. You can create beautiful charts in no time, share them via email, and download them as PDF or even as MS Excel files. This is what we here at 2Ring call a major look-and-feel update.

Apart from the design/GUI change, CA 4.0 also comes with a number of heavy technical features that you are going to love. Have you ever had a headache when your service provider changed prices and you had to reconfigure the entire pricing system? We felt your pain, and so CA 4.0 offers a bit of help by allowing you to use two different configurations for one billing period. It is easy to set up and run both at the same time for the same billing cycle. Exciting, isn’t it?

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