SF .. Features

Agents can fill out the form from the call’s start as the application navigates the agents through a simple tree structure. The application thus significantly saves agents’ time and allows the collection of accurate data.

Built-in support for entry validation doesn’t allow agents to submit the form until it is filled out correctly. The application thus takes care of filling in all requested data correctly and adds to the quality of records

A well-formed questionnaire guides agents through the shortest path to get all necessary information whatever the situation - from issuing a new credit card to dealing with safety and security (calling the police or fire department)

The application helps speed up and simplify agents’ work by allowing them to select more than one item from the list. A must is the option that allows agents to enter free text information (recording specific quotes from clients and so on).

It is possible to assign points to every answer so that the number of points assigned represents the importance of the particular answer and thus to obtain data for agent evaluation, The assigned points also help agents better understand the value of a given answer for the company. The data can also be used to split the cost of contact center operations among other departments – cost centers

The application stores recorded data in a database that is independent from the contact center. With every filled out form, a corresponding call ID and agent ID are stored to be used in campaign reporting. Automatically obtained information such as call type, IVR path, customer entered data or other relevant information can also be stored along with the agent's answers.