AC .. Features

AC .. Features

Feature 1

Platform Independent

Even in completely diverse environments, for calculating a call’s cost as...

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Feature 2

Support for Cell Phones

Nowadays, a unified view of a company’s telecommunication costs is not pos...

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Feature 3

Links Data from the Company’s IS

External data about users and cost centers (such as the name of the called...

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Feature 4

Many Reports

2Ring Call Accounting (AC) comes with a very strong reporting package. Eve...

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Feature 5


Visualize your data in charts to easily see historic progress and or expen...

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Feature 6

Network Utilization

Analyze your VoIP network load, and so enhance your network structure wher...

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Feature 7

Purely Web Based

Company administrators will fall in love with 2Ring Call Accounting (AC) b...

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Feature 8

User Roles and Rights

With 2Ring Call Accounting's support for unlimited depth of corporate hier...

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Feature 9


2Ring Call Accounting (AC) allows simultaneous operation in different lang...

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Feature 10

Resolves Phone Calls Traveling Through More Than One System

In complex telephony environments, a call can be routed through several ca...

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Feature 11

Prepare for Environment Changes

2Ring Call Accounting (AC) remembers the configuration of your network, so...

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Feature 12

Ready for Multiplicity

2Ring Call Accounting (AC) is open to variety within a single installation...

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Feature 13

CUCM Hunt Groups

2Ring Call Accounting (AC) comes with three built in reports for providing...

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Feature 14

Budget Control for CUCM

A budget control rules define what should happen when a defined percentage...

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