Agent State and Alerts Always Visible

2Ring offers a variety of tools that let agents see what’s going on at that moment. 2Ring Browser Extension lives in agent’s browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and it allows agents to see their own contact center state while working on ANY browser tab and to also change the state through the extension. 2Ring Toast Alerts get displayed on top of all the application windows and thus keep agents in the know no matter what application they are currently using.

Cisco Compatible / Seamless Upgrades

Enjoy peace of mind since 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse® are Cisco® Compatible - Cisco UCCX / UCCE 11.x and 12.x and 2Ring is always there to test our solutions with upcoming Cisco Finesse releases - to make sure that our Gadgets are prepared once you are ready to upgrade your Cisco Contact Center.

CRM / Service Desk System Triaging

If agents use multiple CRM and Service Desk systems, 2Ring makes it possible to perform lookup in multiple systems at once and present matching results to agents to make the final determination on the next step. In this case, 2Ring Dialog Gadgets in Cisco Finesse® is used to help agent triage all the information available from these data sources and make the appropriate decision what workflow automation to trigger.

Impressive ROI with Small Footprint

Make a decision that makes economic sense. Generally speaking, this solution will pay for itself in less than 12 months. Please contact us if you would like to use our ROI tool to see your savings.

MS Dynamics 365 & Cisco Finesse API

Use a solution built around MS Dynamics 365 and Cisco Finesse® APIs. 2Ring always develops its solutions on top of the existing platforms with the goal to enhance (and not to replace) what other solutions provide out of the box.

On Cisco's Price List, Part of Solutions Plus

Enhance your Cisco® Customer Journey platform with a solution that is built, further developed and supported by 2Ring. On top, select a solution that all Cisco Resellers can offer directly from Cisco's price list (CCW) in the form of a self-hosted subscription.


Choose the deployment speed that is right for you. 2Ring offers a minimum order size of 10 seats. A self-hosted subscription is a perfect way to enable 2Ring to your teams in multiple phases.

Security is 2Ring's #1 Priority

We aim to provide the most secure solution following principles of:

  • Least Privilege
  • Secure by Default
  • No Insecure Transports
  • Prefer password hashing over encryption
  • Use of strong hashing/cypher algorithms and keys
  • Regular vulnerability testing

Team Based Configuration

Every team in you contact center can define its own requirements for the Cisco®/MS Dynamics 365 integration, and automation. If team A handles a lot of short calls, they will need each call to be auto answered and for their agents to be taken to the caller’s profile right away. If team B handles more sophisticated calls, it might want to hold on the automation – screen pops – until agent answers the call manually, so the agent would have a bit of time to finish whatever else they were doing when the call arrived. Every step in the automation is fully configurable, and thus every team can decide what it should look like. On top of that, automation logic can also react to any data available about the incoming call, either in Cisco CallVariables (IVR inputs), or based on data found in MS Dynamics (e.g. multiple repeat cases).

You are the Driver!

Have your say. We at 2Ring listen and update product roadmaps based on feedback from our customers, resellers, and prospects. If we currently do not offer a feature that would help your contact center, please let us know! Contact us here.