2Ring Scripts & Forms v3.2

New Release Release Notes Scripts & Forms

by 2Ring · Aug 19, 2019

2Ring Scripts & Forms is a web-based tool that allows contact center agents to gather and capture structured information in real-time, from the start of each interaction. These advanced wrap-up forms, wizards, and scripts can be automatically presented to agents inside of Cisco Finesse at the start of each interaction with a client (inbound call, outbound call, incoming chat and email).

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What’s New in 3.2?

  • Support for MS SQL 2017 and 2019
  • New Card Type – a drop down list – allows agents to pick from a predefined list of options in a form of a drop down list.
New Card Type - Dropdown List
  • New Option for Dates – a date can be pre-selected for the agent (e.g. today’s date)
New Options for Dates

Bug Fixes

  • When CustomerID contains spaces, list of incomplete forms contains correct records


2Ring Scripts & Forms is only available as a part of the Enhanced and of the Premium bundle of 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse.

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