2Ring Phone Services v6.3

2Ring Phone Services New Release Phone Services Release Notes

by 2Ring · May 06, 2013

2Ring is pleased to inform you about the most recent release in our Unified Communication portfolio, 2Ring PHONE SERVICES version 6.3. This release comes with a major update of existing functionalities (numbering plan, paging to overhead systems, contact page), and it also includes new features such as a scheduler, audio streaming, and support for Cisco Jabber clients.

More specifically, the 6.3 release introduces the following features:

Audio Streaming(ADVANCED only)Start a broadcast of a prerecorded audio message from the 2Ring PHONE SERVICES server to IP Phones and/or to other overhead systems (such as 2N NetSpeaker)
Scheduler(ADVANCED only)Schedule periodic alerts (school bells, Muslim prayers, (un)lock door locks, ..).
Alerts(ADVANCED only)Utilize new types of alerts – Audio Streaming, Jabber IM, URL request (suitable for managing 2N ​Helios door locks), clearing the phone display, etc.
Numbering Plan and Locations(FREE – only 1 locality, ADVANCED unlimited)Benefit from a redesigned Numbering Plan. Locations – display branch numbers with or without internal prefixes for an internal or remote location.
Messages to Email or Jabber(ADVANCED only)Use 2Ring IPPS’ web interface or phone interface to send text messages not only to Cisco IP Phones and cell-phones, but also to email or Jabber IM.
Contacts(FREE and ADVANCED)Find contacts faster thanks to a redesigned Contact List.
Cisco Jabber Support(ADVANCED only)Make IPPS part of your Cisco Jabber Client and gain access to corporate and personal address books and send messages and/or alerts to Cisco Jabber directly from the 2Ring PHONE SERVICES server and from IP Phones.
Synchronization(ADVANCED only)Manage IPPS users by user (permission) groups based on any AD/LDAP/Database/… attributes.
ECC – Routing external calls to last number (ADVANCED only)Make it easier for callers to get back to you. In environments where it is not possible for callers to return your call at a specific extension (e.g., when you are using GSM modem, there are fewer public numbers than extensions), it is possible to route external calls to the last extension that called the external number. It is also possible to specify a time frame for which this rule is valid.

2Ring PHONE SERVICES is a modular package of additional services for Cisco Unified Communications Manager that is used by corporate and public customers in the USA, Australia, Turkey, Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Japan and many other countries. Learn more about the FREE and ADVANCED EDITION at www.2Ring.com/NewJuice.

Disclaimer: All existing customers of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS) with a valid EPU support are eligible to download the installation package of the latest version (and obtain the corresponding license file) of the ADVANCED EDITION. Please note that the labor related to upgrading is not a part of the EPU package. Customers interested in using all of the new features included in the 6.3 release can perform the upgrade on their own or purchase this service via a system integrator. For more information about licensing, please don’t hesitate to contact 2Ring.​

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