2Ring Call Accounting v4.1 – Gateway Usage Report

Call Accounting CallManager CUCM New Release Release Notes

by 2Ring · Jan 03, 2014

We have recently added “Gateway Usage” report into the 2Ring Call Accounting v4.1 solution.

Gateway Usage Report

The Gateway Usage report displays minimum, maximum and average number of calls per one second. The main filter to set which is specific for this report is Gateway Port (see figure below). 

Gateway Usage Report

This filter retrieves all calls on a gateway port in certain direction(s). These directions can be inbound (IN), outbound (OUT) or bidirectional (BOTH).

The Call Start filter retrieves calls for a certain time period and can only have a time interval not exceeding 24 hours. This report is available in the new version of 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING v4.1.

Report identifies potential VoIP configuration issues related to certain trunks/gateways being overloaded or not used as much as expected. If properly configured, it shows which cost center is the heaviest user of the network resources, and helps with proper allocation of network resources, which might lead to lower telco bills.

Call Accounting Report
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