IP Phone & Device Management

Phone Lock

Use a personal PIN code to stop unwanted calls from unattended desk phones. It is possible to define an extension label for each state. For more security, it can be scheduled; e.g., all phones can be locked immediately after work hours.

Easy Sign On (ESO)

If you are a heavy user of Cisco Extension Mobility, 2Ring IPPS Client will simplify the login process to a desk phone. It will automatically log you in to a phone once you login to your workstation. ESO works for wire and wi-fi connection.


Everybody knows how unfriendly it is to set up a conference call. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES allows users to create a conference call with all participants by selecting a group of numbers and pressing one button.

Phone Background

The deployment and management of a company’s IP phone background can become a nightmare. IPPS offers an easy solution to deploy the background to all phones from one place, and even more, it can be scheduled so that the IP phones can display a new background each morning.

Door Locks

When the 2N IP door locks (2N Helios system) are in place, you can lock and unlock the door or a group of doors by pressing a button on a phone. Such an action can also be scheduled; e.g., the building is open during working hours, but locked at any other time.

Cameras and Integration with Door Entry Systems

Display images from IP (web) cameras on IP phones. Benefit from the automatic pop-up of live images on an IP Phone at the time of an incoming call from intercoms (door entry systems, door phones) at door or security entrances. Up to two action buttons can be defined for such events - e.g. one to open the door, the second for an alert.

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